Fulfill happiness, fill up enjoyment, Fill up excitement with SCB M Prepaid Card

SCB M Prepaid is like a purse of a new generation. For everyone to enjoy shopping in stores that accept VISA cards worldwide, including online stores with accumulated points to receive many benefits.

What is SCB M Prepaid Card?

It is a prepaid card that issued a joint card between SCB and The Mall Group. Can be used instead of cash at stores that accept VISA cards worldwide, including online stores. Every 25 baht spent will receive M Point points to redeem for rewards or vouchers. The more you use, the more points will be redeemed for many benefits.

Super Bonus! Used at The Mall Group department stores receive x2 M Point!

How SCB M Prepaid Card is different from other cards?

SCB M Prepaid Card is different from debit cards and credit cards in which you must top up the card before shopping. (The debit card will deduct the money from the deposit account that the person has with the card immediately after spending. The credit card will be used to pay through the credit line received from the card issuing bank.) And can be used to pay for every shop that accepts VISA cards worldwide, including online stores Which can still be controlled easily according to the money that is added to the security card because it reduces the risk of carrying a large amount of cash.

Who is this card for?

New generation, like students, including general customers who do not have documents showing income / salary. Everyone can come to issue card for spending instead of cash anywhere, anytime, plus, it's convenient, fast and easy to use. It's just a simple top-up, then you can shop around the world. Top up at a minimum of 100 baht, up to 100,000 baht. (no additional fees)

How to apply

Apply easily at the booth and SCB M customer service point at Paragon Department Store, The Mall Department Stores, Emporium, Emquatier and Blue Port Hua Hin Department Store with ID card and you can wait there to get the card back home.

ฟรี! ไม่มีค่าแรกเข้า ไม่มีค่าธรรมเนียมรายปี ดีงามขนาดนี้ไม่สมัครไม่ได้แล้ว! 

2 ways to top-up

  1. SCB EASY App: Just add the SCB M card on the account consolidation page and click on the card to top-up immediately.
  2. Customer service point: at Paragon, Emporium, Emquatier Department Stores, The Mall, all branches and Blue Port Hua Hin are equally convenient.

Card is ready! Money is available!! It's time for us to go out and spend through the cards. Life is good, don't have to carry cash, no need to wait for change, convenient, safe, easy to use, will be able to shop at every shop that accepts VISA around the world, including online stores. Shop to collect points with many privileges.

You know that this is great! hurry and apply for a card then go shopping and collect points!