Can't save money is it because of this attitude?

In this world, there are many theories that talk about how to save, money management, investment, and stories about financial things. But now there is a new theory that has been widely discussed for a long time, from many experts around the world, that is the “Law of Gravity”. Which is a description of the problems and behavior of living Including the financial aspects of our people in a psychological perspective

The law of gravity speaks of the idea that the positive and negative beliefs of people are things that attract both positive and negative experiences to life. Our ideas can affect our own health, relationships and wealth. For example, if you believe that you must have money to continue making money or being rich is difficult. Then it Is likely to be a very high chance that at any stage of life or even now you may be having money problems.

The above feelings are negative feelings. And often is the one that hinders you from spending money on investments or even managing money wisely. You always end up struggling with financial matters all the time. Because negative thoughts on money will send you to become a person who lacks the motivation to make money, tend to be lazy, manage money, have money, do not have to find things for yourself to spend until not left, lack of motivation. In finding more money even if there are additional income channels, etc.

Throughout your life, you have been influenced by finances through some criticisms from people around you like parents, teachers or friends. Therefore, it is not surprising that it will crawl deep into the subconscious mind Which affects thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about wealth and become the direction of action that will lead to success. Although it is difficult to control emotions, feelings, and beliefs because these three things are driven by the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is also the driver of our success as well. This matter is therefore undoubtedly connected with finance and wealth. The key is, therefore, to accept and understand your attitude towards money, that your subconscious mind affects the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that make you deny the opportunity to invest money to gain benefits.

And how do you stop that negative thought pattern?

The basic principle in the work of gravity laws is to focus on a positive angle to attract positive energy into life. Which we will apply in financial matters as follows

Technique 1: Try to sit down comfortably in a quiet corner where no one will disturb and review all the bad feelings you have for the money that comes up in your mind. Which is a dangerous signal that says you have a negative attitude towards money, such as

  • "I don't have enough saving"
  • ” If I get a bad customer? "
  • ” If my business is ruined "
  • "If I can't borrow money to invest"
  • "Will I have the ability to pay various debts?"

This technique will make you see negative concerns and attitudes about money that hidden more clearly. To know that attitudes before it affects you

Technique 2: Letting worry about all the financial problems that emerge in the mind. And change to look for the advantages in yourself and the surrounding things that will be the door to bring money into life or strengthen your encouragement, such as

  • "I have an education"
  • "I have a family to support."
  • "I still have work."
  • "To be in debt, but I have a house to live in"
  • "I still have the strength to work for money."
  • "I will contact the work politely for the customer to be satisfied."
  • "I will intend to do all the work that is in my best responsibility."

This technique is to move the focus from the thinking of the circle to the solution of the problem and the way to earn more money.

Technique 3: When stopped and obsessed with financial problems and liabilities (Technique 1), look for advantages in yourself and from the current situation (Technique 2) and then must look at financial matters in a friendly manner by repeatedly telling yourself with this approximate sentence, for example.

  • I can have saving
  • "Money is necessary"
  • "Money helps my life better"
  • "I feel very good about having money in my account."
  • "Money and my life are incredibly consistent."
  • "I can be rich"

This technique will help you feel better and are encouraged that you can manage your finances on your own. And financial problems are not a problem without a solution.

Like all things in life that have positive and negative angles. If you see a positive angle from various problems, that must face, it will cause you to pass those problems without suffering too much. But to adjust the attitude of this money, you must feel confident in what you think. Otherwise, it will become deceit by using words. Then the same problem Will not be solved.

When you get rid of the negative thoughts that can affect your finances, you will see ways to earn money and save money. And when you begin to see the money that has increased, or the debt is reduced substantially. You will start to see that money is something that you can manage. This is just a simple first step. That will help you to have a better understanding of finances and looking at the collection from a positive angle.