Super happy retirement even without children

In the current economic conditions where the cost of living is high and the tendency for most people to marry more slowly Resulting in many Married couples Maybe planning to not have children. The couple is married but has no children. It may seem like there are no financial concerns. Because there is no burden to support No tuition fees for children, or not having to think about expanding housing. However, even without child expenses, It is also imperative to focus on financial planning a lot. Because do not forget that when reaching retirement age Those without children There will be no one to support.

So, retirement planning is very important. Because at one day everyone must retire in addition, being self-sufficient is the safest. This article presents retirement planning for married couples without children:

1.Physically prepared 

'No disease is a great fortune is the truest statement. Especially during retirement age Will be at a higher risk of disease than others. For example, NCDs (NCDs) are non-communicable diseases. Or lifestyle disease (Lifestyle Disease) that is not caused by infection but may be inherited. It is often chronic throughout life, divided into 4 groups: cardiovascular disease. Diabetes group Cancer group and chronic respiratory diseases.

Behavior at risk of NCD It is associated with current lifestyle habits that pose health risks. Such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating too much spicy food, too sweet, too salty, lack of exercise, and the accumulated stress that arises from daily life.

Various diseases that beset during retirement Will affect your lifestyle and have a high cost. Even if a married couple has no children Inevitably that there would be no one to look after Alone care When you get older you may not be able to take care of each other. Making it possible to hire someone to take care of. Which is also a high cost (On average, the wage of caretakers is 20,000 - 36,000 baht per month). Therefore, taking care of your health to be strong is something that must be done before retiring. And the sooner you start, the better, and don't forget to prepare for the cost of your healthcare too.

2. Mentally prepared

Retirement It was a big change in life. Besides the physical changes that require us to turn to take good care of ourselves Being mentally prepared is a big issue that needs to be kept in mind all the time.

At retirement age What we can get back a lot is the free time because we don't have to go to work anymore. The advantage of having more free time is that we can do what we have ever imagined doing. But didn't do it because didn't have time. Need to take time to go to work regularly. However, if a good retirement life plan is not planned. Some people may not know what they want to do after retirement. Or having too much free time Until the bully makes him feel that he is worthless. Moreover, if anyone has an underlying disease or start getting sick It may make the state of mind even worse

Mental preparation for unemployment conditions More free time but the body began to decline Can't live the same life or maybe sick with old disease It is something that should be aware and prepared in advance.

Simple preparation for retirement, such as taking home hobbies such as planting trees, raising animals, playing music, drawing, and handicrafts. Bring knowledge, ability, and experience in both work and life experiences that exist Come out to make the most of it. They may work as a consultant, speaker, volunteer, or charitable activity. In addition to being positive and meditation, entering a temple, listening to dharma, or exercising will help the mind to relax and achieve peace.

3.Prepare money

It is undeniable that comfort in life comes with money. Especially in retirement age that requires more money from the increased cost of health care and the cost of taking care of yourself Medical expenses and since there is no child It may have to pay additional care. And how much money do I have? Is it enough to live after retirement?

Amount of money required after retirement Depending on the lifestyle you want to use after retirement. If there is a simple living in the provinces or having land for growing vegetables and fruits and cooking for yourself It will cost less money than people in the city and must buy food to eat.
Estimating the amount of money you need to pay after retirement This can be done by predicting the amount of money you will spend per month multiplied by the number of months that will be available from your retirement date to the end of life. As the following table

By assuming that the return on retirement grows equal to inflation. And there is no money left as an inheritance

Once we know how much money to prepare, the next step is to gather a source of retirement savings: The Social Security Fund. Government Pension Fund Provident Fund Retirement Mutual Fund Pension life insurance and other assets Accumulated for retirement. To calculate the deficit from the required money, such as from the table above to use 25,000 baht after retirement for a period of 25 years after retirement, we must have at least 7,500,000 baht.

  • Reduce expenses by reviewing expenses from accounting for income expenditures.

  • Saving and investing continuously, such as increasing the proportion of savings in provident funds or retirement mutual funds. Choose the investment ratio that receives the appropriate returns. And consistent with the ability to take risks

  • Choose investment channel. In suitable financial instruments

  • Write a clear savings and investment plan, act, and regularly review the plan.

  • Retirement planning is planning. When the time has changed Planning conditions and assumptions are subject to change. Therefore, the plan must be reviewed at least once a year.

In addition to preparing the body, preparing the mind, and preparing the money We may also need to consider preparing friends and society. The fact that we still have activities with friends of the same age have a similar attitude and lifestyle. Will make us not lonely. Even without children to take care of but having happiness and fun will result in good physical and mental health as well. Just as we can smile with the retirement age happily. With financial planning and good preparation.

Nipaphan Poonsathiensap CFP®, ACC Independent Financial Planner Writer and speaker