6 ways to heal the mind of the elderly during quarantine

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly are at risk, therefore, they are not allowed to go outside their residents. This might make them bored and stressed. Thus, it is recommended to find activities which they can enjoy, and at the same time, build a strong relationship among family members. The most important thing is to know what they like and starts doing such an activity together. Some tips are provided here to keep the elderly happy when they shelter in place.

1. Keep talking to avoid their feeling of loneliness

The simplest thing that the offspring can do is to share their experience or news, for example, telling the elderly about your daily routine or if you found someplace they might like, telling them that you will take them to the place can be a good idea. This will let them understand your life and remind them how important they are to you.

2. Doing more activities together

The elderly deserve to do what they love as it will keep them away from the lonely feeling as well as spending time in a useful way. For example, if they like cooking, asking them what their secret recipe is or even asking them to cook for you is a good idea. If they are keen on crafting, making face shields for hospitals is an option. If they like to be in the garden, asking them to plant vegetables to consume during the quarantine. If the elderly love singing, karaoke is definitely a good call. Asking them to play some music for you if they like music. By doing what they love, not only helps develop their skill but also make them proud by realizing they are valuable assets.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising is the key to staying healthy. Especially the elderly who experience changes in their body. Lack of exercise will cause degeneration of body systems as muscles become weaker, and tiredness results in the inability to perform their routine. Moreover, exercising keeps them active, promotes positive emotion, prevents depression and stress. Exercising also increases brain chemical substances including endorphins which relax muscles and helps in sleeping, reduces stressful hormones, and keeps them calm.

4. Meditating

Meditating can be beneficial to all agers. For the elderly who tend to have depression and anxiousness about their degenerative body, meditating which is a mind practicing and keeping them focused can help them calm and have more awareness to live. Moreover, it also alleviates depression.

5. Watching online series

Currently, there are streaming services with plenty of movies, series, and documentaries to watch as per an individual’s preference. Teaching the elderly how to use such a service to find a good series when they are alone or watch it with other family members can be good. Discussion can be done once the movie ends. Furthermore, watching movies is an easy way to free their feelings from problems and to vent their repression such as watching a sad movie if they would like to cry or selecting comedies in case they want to relax. So, watching movies is a simple way to relax the elderly.

6. Chatting with friends via Line

If the elderly have not tried Line before, introducing them to such an application will allow them to be connected to their friends and keep themselves updated with the news in their circle. Chatting with friends via Line is the activity that keeps the elderly away from loneliness and stress. Importantly, friends at the same age tend to face the same troubles including health, family, and offspring. Being able to ventilate such a feeling to friends of the same age can be better than sharing it with other family members with different experiences. This is simply because having someone to listen and advise can make them feel they are not alone.

Healing the elderly’s mind by supporting each other is something other family members need to pay attention to. This is because the elderly is normally the center of the family which keeps family members united. It is important to take good care of their health by providing them with a face mask and preventing them from infectious by maintaining social distance. Reminding them to wash their hands and separating their belongings from others will keep their body and mind healthy and be a guardian of the family.