Don’t Be Deceived by Gangster’s Tricks of Call Center

Despite regular news spreading of how people have been cheated by Call Center gangsters, but there are as well news about those latest victims.  Then what would be effective prevention against becoming such criminal victims? 

1. Being of the hyperawareness. Criminal cheating tricks are normally of frightening matters or otherwise of certain good news from government officers or financial institution to enhance people’s trust or respect.  In certain cases it might be as if an automatic telephone call from a big organization whereas the matters are more or less relevant to: 

  • Your account has been freezed/credit card debt:  this is the most popular criminal topic since it is likely the common matter to get one alerted by being indebted and that your account has been attached. 

  • Getting involved in drug trafficking/money laundering/being sued: once the victim being found of a big bank deposit the criminal would deceive him/her of being sued and ask the person to make transaction for required investigation. 

  • Taxation return in a cheque: the criminal always refers to a request for taxation return by asking the victim to make transaction at the certain ATM machine as a personal identification.  Actually it is to transfer money to the criminal.

  • You are the lucky one: so that the cheated victim would be willing to transfer a small amount of money in exchange for a big award

  • Your personal information get lost: a mean to convince the victim to get the personal information for preparing false transaction.  

  • Wrong money transaction/ loan approval: criminals usually refer to a wrong transfer or submitting a victim’s document for a certain amount of loan then ask the victim to transfer the money back to their accounts for checking or for returning in the case of any wrong transfer. 


2. Preventing: for future in the case criminals might rely on certain new approaches so that we should be better prepared against being victimized. 

  • Facts finding:  phone calls from criminals should be properly checked for facts finding i.e. whether you have account/credit card as being referred to or such transaction has been committed.  

  • No transaction:  :  you might be cheated for transaction through ATM machine or making automatic deposit in English as being told by the criminal through mobile phone.  

  • No information providing: never give any personal and financial information including various codes through all channels. 

  • Caring for people around you: in addition to selfcare we should also share information of criminal  tricks to people around us i.e. the elders in our family or those who might be easily deceived.
3. Certain mistakes solving  
  • Data and evidences collection including document relating to financial institutions so that transaction be cancelled and reported to the police for daily evidence recording.  

  • Inform certain evidences to Department of Special Investigation (DSI) 

Finally, we should be well-aware that the Bank is not of any policy to ask for personal information and client code through various channels.  If there is any contact to get your private data, be extremely careful for providing such information.