“Love Eaten” eating way

Believe it or not, our eating behavior can change the world. This may sound incredible, but this is what K.Took-Naphat Thaneewan and K.Yoy-Attaphol Boonpairoj believe in and they established “Love Eaten” catering business. They believe in friendly-environment consumable. For “Love Eaten”, all ingredients whether coffee, sugar, milk, rice, pork, chicken, seafood, or vegetables are produced from small friendly-environment agriculturist. Even the containers, “Love Eaten” choose not to use reduce plastic. Many years before the establishment of “Love Eaten”, K.Took worked at Ton-Kla institute and she contributed in “We Change” campaign to change the consumer behavior to be more sustainable. They demonstrate by using their living as an example. 

 “We worked for better environment institute, but our catering put food in a foam box. This is not catering service problem, but it is the society fundamental problem. They have no choice but only foam and plastic due to its price is very cheap and convenient. We knew that it is not catering fault, but it is all our fault that we cannot see that Thailand should stop using it. Whenever we go campaigning somewhere, then we found that they bring their famous local food in a foam box. They just did their job under their capital cost. It is not their fault, but we knew there is something better.”

Because she worked as a society developer, she met lots of farmers and had a chance to study production system. These are the most important part for Love Eaten.

 “We want to find the friendly-environment raw material with sustainable production system. We want an organic rice, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, or vegetables and there are farmers that want to sell them at a low price. We are lucky that we found them. However, we cannot do it 100% because the seasonal of some raw material. 

Some customers want to order stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce which made K.Took and K.Yoy oppressive. 

 “Cabbage season is in winter, but the customer wants this menu. So, we have to talk and propose another option such as this season vegetable is zucchini, do you want to try stir-fried zucchini with eggs? To be frank, we want money and do not want to lose any customer and also our concept. So, we need to find a halfway.” 

While finding a halfway between brand concept and customer satisfaction, they lost many customers because the customers did not understand just only stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce, why so big deal. On another side, K.Took and K.Yoy thought that they also do not want to change the customer identity, they need to persuade them to try and understand their way together with preserve their brand concept. They insist on follow order by seasonal raw material only.  

The communication way and flexibility are a must to keep their customers and preserve their brand concept. “We negotiate our customer to change their mind. For example, in their menu selection, they chose all plain taste menus. Then they want a stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce which is also plain taste. We suggest them to try out our concept which is stir-fried basil and organic seafood. We told them its story, they started to listen that this menu will support other dishes because of their spicy taste and they agreed with us. Finally, we try to change together with satisfy them by co-design the menus with them.  

In this kitchen, there is no MSG, also in Love Eaten dish. They slowly build their trust in customer heart and choose the Love Eaten service. Their customers choose to “buy” this concept which they both believe in that the world can be changed by our eating behavior.