Long-Stay; focus on healthy and build a sustainable business

Nowadays, the “Elderly society is everywhere which made some people feel bad about their age. However, do not worry because, in 2021, the Thai elderly ratio will be higher than 20% which will be an attractive customer for every business.  

There is an opportunity in traveling business such as “Long-Stay accommodation” or long-term service and accommodation for tourists. Thailand is in many tourists dream list because of Japanese elderly love to be here. Also, “Chiangmai” is the top destination and there were over 42,422 tourists that extended their visa to stay last year.  

Not only Japanese but also other countries tourists. From the tourist behavior analysis report from Center of Tourism Research and Development, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University found that many international tourists such as German, American and other European are interested in spending their retirement in Thailand. So, many northern provinces may feel thankful for that.

From the UN aging statistics shows that 2 persons are celebrating their 60 birthdays in every 2 seconds or you can say that 58 million people are going to be a 60-year-old in every year. This is a large number for the market!

For Long-Stay business who clearly support a health service is the most favorite for aging people because most of them has saved some money for retirement from the government service. Moreover, Asian elderly especially Japanese give priority to health services and a worth cost living.  

Not only “Long-Stay” business that grows strongly but also taking-care service for seniors does. Let's look in Japanese society, there are many home cares, accommodation, rental and selling senior equipment shops and food service for seniors which are growing very fast. Some of these businesses are already expanded to Thailand.

This great opportunity also came from the government to support and invite these elderlies to Thailand by a 1-year free visa for an older-than-50-year-old person or a Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” Long Stay. Also, the Tourism Authority of Thailand supports Thai business to match with an international business specialist to expand their knowledge and build up themselves to be the stronger partners. 

Meanwhile, as you saw Thai senior number as we mentioned above, they are another attractive customer for much Thai property projects as they will build an aging society with many facilities in a mountain range or by the beach to support those “The Second Home” in-need with the same age friends and activities.

When it comes to life, “Age” does not matter