An Eco Woman and Her Self-reliant Home Office

Khun Air or Ms. Yubolwan Lertchaiworakul used to be an employee and faced health problems caused by sedentary behavior. Later, she has become an import business owner of office supplies following the Ergonomic principles with a focus on environmental concern and self-sufficient living. Besides, she has multiple professions such as medicine physician, Sanggung, gardener, carpenter, interior designer, content creator including Pad Thai World Champion. Plenty of activities that she has performed mostly happen at her endearing Home Office.

In and around the Eco Home Office

As the Managing Director of BIGKIDINOFFICE Co., Ltd., Khun Air built a Home Office that is more than a house because she loves spending every moment happily as she likes. She reveals that “I actually prefer to stay in upcountry (high pitch) to do gardening but I can’t right now”. Living in the city, she has to design her own lifestyle. That’s why she designed her office to be in accordance with lifestyle. A 2.5-story building is built on the full space of 100 square wa (400 square meters). The 1st and 2nd floors are Double Spaces with 4.5 meters ceiling height arranged for the office zone. The back of the 2nd floor is a Warehouse for product storage. The top floor is designed as Khun Air's second home where she has been staying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike a normal house that decorates variegated plants around the house balcony, Khun Air utilizes that space for planting vegetable garden and herbs based on seasonal rotation, performing activities, and producing fertilizer from food residue. This area is sometimes used for the homemade barbecue or pizza parties. The house on the top floor is like a mysterious room where Harry Potter hides in the Wizarding world which Muggle like us has never expected before. When walking into this room, there’s a table in the center designed and made by Khun Air to be used for multi-purposes like an enchanting table to conjure things such as, compounding herbal medicine, kneading bread dough from self-made yeast, producing coconut-oil soap and organic shampoo, extracting lemongrass for mosquito repellent, marinating soy sauce, fermenting kimchi, etc. Committing herself to the principle of sustainable living and nature-loving, she has done all those things with her heart and determination. “I want to live a self-reliant life as much as I can. Everyone can preserve environment in easy ways like leave little to waste, eat a little, consume things moderately, and use resources wisely. Here at my place, we install Solar Roof from sunlight, produce an electric current to use during the day so we feel that we’re part of nature preservation because we’ve used clean energy and leave nothing to waste”.

Business equation, Life equation

Entrepreneurs tend to think about figures, sales volume, profits or tangible statistics but those are not BIGKIDINOFFICE, the import company of office supplies from Taiwan. Khun Air started this business because of developing Office Syndrome. Fortunately, she happened to know an Ergonomic office supplies manufacturer, and that inspired her to help office workers reduce pain and prevent chronic symptoms of office syndrome because that disease is incurable.

With the aim of helping men who wear ties and women who wear high-heeled shoes to enjoy working healthily anywhere, BIGKIDINOFFICE products cater to their needs from head to toe; for example, Notebook Stand, Protective Screen for Computer Monitor to heal eyestrain, and ache symptoms of neck, shoulders and back, Adjustable Keyboard Tray to fit the body of users, Mouse Tray to reduce trigger finger, Anti-fatigue Mat to relieve leg muscle and backaches, Footrest to boost blood circulation while working and protect entrapment and backache. Because of being sensitive and considerate, Khun Air put tremendous effort to find the right items and she jokingly says that “My office is full of Demo products and I’ll never sell products that aren’t good enough”.

Khun Air also adds that “Apart from using Ergonomic appliances or tools, a simple tip to protect office syndrome is to move your body every 30 minutes for improving blood circulation. That practice is against human behavior in this era who sit and watch the monitor all day long”. For business goals, she mentions that “We don’t operate the businesses that are money-oriented but we focus on happiness. No matter what I do, I always see its value. I never
do something and realize whether I’ll get money. I’ll go ahead and I believe that money will follow then”.

Live a happy life, Make the most of it

As being inquisitive, Khun Air enjoys living her life. If she wants to know something, she’ll go for it and do her best. She said that “Life is sometimes a rhythm. All the things I’ve done are truly my preference. That’s why I feel they’re not the work but my life map to guide me on how to live without relying on external matters. When I studied interior design, I didn’t only aim to work but I’ve applied its functions and organized them to fit my lifestyle”.

She used to buy a townhouse and sold it after renovation. Besides being a skillful Interior Designer, Khun Air once wore the highest Sanggung Diamond Crown given to the best award-winning of Pad Thai World Champion in the Amateur category, and she also studied Thai Traditional Medicine and is now preparing to take an exam to get a Medical License. During the COVID-19 situation, she has been a volunteer consultant for over 200 patients.

For health tips, Khun Air shares with us that “If we know how to eat properly and drink lots of water, our body will be in balance and we won’t easily get sick”. She’s always active and still looking for a new business. She has started creating her lifestyle content for social media to show the DIY concepts. The content emphasizes the knowledge in Health, Cuisine, and Vegetable gardening. She said her content hasn’t been officially launched but it’s on the plan.

Stretching on the Futon = ‘Air’ Ubolwan working style

As she has worked for many jobs. Has she ever given up? Burn out? Khun Air laughs and answers that “Once I jump in working, I’m successful. Now, I’m so happy to work 7 days. Stretching on the futon is my kind of working”. She believes Working = Happiness. Upon establishing the company, her concept is “Everyone has a childish part. You must hold responsibility in the office but never forget to entertain yourself and it’s easy to find happiness in your daily life. Employees should be happy at work. If not, we need to talk and fine-tune something”.


How to invest your life without worrying

Khun Air wants to embrace the world as long as she can so she installs solar roofs at her office by choosing renewable energy from nature. Before doing that, she is questioned by her friends whether it’s worth spending. She said that “It’s worth the money from the first second of installing that solar roof as we help the world save energy and utilize the most of it”. She realizes that it’s another form of life investment and she can live with her desirable lifestyle. As a result, she no longer worries about using electricity while doing a wide variety of personal activities at home. Whether it reduces expense or not, Khun Air considers it an outgrowth. Anyway, its result is over the expectation that she sometimes forgets that she used to pay about ten thousand Baht a month for the electricity bill. In fact, she is now paying only 3,000 – 4,000 Baht a month.

What is good about GRoof By Gunkul?

While building a new office 3 years ago, Khun Air planned to install a solar roof as it’s solar clean energy produced. She explored information from many suppliers to compare its specification and materials and found that they’re similar in quality. Anyway, she had a serious concern about service and was confident after talking to GRoof staff due to their standards, reputation, and professionalism. “I had little to think about because GRoof handled everything. I just signed on a document, checked if things are all right, and was worry-free about contacting Metropolitan Electricity Authority and dealing with the roof technicians. I felt like sitting and doing nothing and then all of a sudden, the solar roof was growing out of my roof”.

As GRoof provides One-Stop Service, Khun Air is hassle-free and can manage her time to do activities freely. She tells us that “When my friends ask me about installing the solar roof, I force them to go for GRoof only. If they love my lifestyle and trust my sense of taste, then GRoof is the answer and there won’t be any trouble. of service is remarkable and our life will be a lot easier”.

At present, Khun Air is still happy to live a simple life. She enjoys living back to nature and studying new business trends and doing multiple works with no target on figures, including preparing for her new coming role as a Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor. Her continuous personal growth in life is like planting trees that aren’t fruitful in one day but it needs watering and shoveling to look forward to blooming and harvesting days, following the rhythm of life in a lovely home office by her own design.