Planet SCB Card: A Card for Seamless Travel

Europe is one of the dream destinations that people of all generations would love to visit. Not only it has magnificent scenery, but Europe also has many famous shopping districts and convenient transportation system that connects European countries together. This makes traveling in Europe become easy as visitors can travel around Europe by just flying to one European country. For those, who are not fans of long flights, might prefer a transit flight at Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore instead of taking direct flights. During transit, travelers might want to do some shopping as well. However, these countries do not use Euro currency and money exchange can be bothersome in this pattern of traveling. Every time that the destination changes, travelers have to waste their time exchanging money again and again. Besides, if the exchange rate is unfair, this whole trip would not be an enjoyable one.

One of the activities that people should do when visiting Europe is shopping. Either strolling in the shopping districts or rolling on the bed and do some online shopping at the hotel would be seamless with Planet SCB card. Forget about withdrawing lump sum cash because Planet SCB supports both contactless payment and pin code payment that can be used in place of cash worldwide without annual fees. SCB seems to understand the lifestyle of the new generation that they dislike complications and troublesome payment.


THE Planet SCB card is designed to serve all needs of travelers. It allows the card owners to exchange money everywhere and any time regardless of where they are in this world. They just need to have a smartphone and SCB EASY App and they can exchange up to 13 currencies in advance. This allows travelers to easily plan their spending seamlessly without worrying about the exchange rate. Also, worry not about running out of money. Currency exchange can always be done and if cash is needed, it can be withdrawn from an ATM. The rate will not fluctuate as the currency has already been exchanged and if currencies that are not contained in the card have to be used, it can be instantly paid using this card without subjected to 2.5% exchange charges.

Apart from that, Planet SCB card has a QR code for the transaction. Borrowing or returning the money from the traveling buddies is just a scan away. Transferring money from one country to another can be done through SCB EASY App as well. With just one card, nothing seems to be a problem. Importantly, there is no need to worry about card security because the card can be immediately deactivated via SCB EASY App if unexpected events happened.

The conclusion of a must-have card for travellers

For those who have to travel often and use online banking daily and would like to control their spending effectively, Planet SCB card is the answer. Just a card and trip expenses can be planned in advance. Money exchange and top-up can be done by just a tap of the finger. More importantly, personal income information is not required when applying for the card. Thus, this card serves all lifestyles of travelers in the digital era, unlocks all restrictions, and opens up new traveling experience which is seamless and contactless. Apply now via SCB EASY App and all branches of SCB.

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