Get to know Mongolia

If you think of the land on the plateau, an indigenous person of Asian descent with the blood of a horse warrior. expert archery living in tent in the middle of the vast sky and the desert, it would be impossible to be anywhere other than "Mongolia", an interesting country. Especially the beautiful nature and the way of life of the people who still maintain the culture, keeping a strong native lifestyle. Although the progress of prosperity has continued to come, many Mongolians still live a traditional way of life. Mongolia is the second largest landlocked Asian country in the world after Kazakhstan. Many people may have thought of visiting this land once in their lives. Go to sleep in a tent that Mongols call "Ger", but in curiosity, there may be questions whether it's really worth going. Is it difficult or scary? Can I go by myself or do I have to go with a tour? Today I'm going to clarify those doubts.


1. Mongolia is a country sandwiched between two superpowers, the top of which is Russia. Below is red Chinese Tuo Hia. Therefore, there is a mix of people and country styles that match between the two cultures.


2.Most of the population follow Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and 38 percent of the population live in the capital Ulaanbaatar.


3. But the westernmost city of Ulgii near the border with Kazakhstan is home to the Kazakh tribe who continue to preserve eagles for their prey. People's faces and cultures will be slightly different, mostly Muslim.


4. Mongolia is about three times the size of Thailand but has a population of just over 3 million people. Most of the land is grasslands and deserts. The weather is brutal for people in our region. Wikipedia says there is farming area less than 1%!!


5. Going to Mongolia without a visa affordable, cost of living is not too high while the airfare is not cheap.


6. Late October, the temperature becomes a single digit during the day and negative after the sun ends. I was scared at first how to live but it’s okay after a few days. It's cold and need to wear many layers of thick clothes. I went out to shoot the stars at 10:10 PM. You can go jogging at eight o'clock where there’s no wind.


7. I rode through the vast fields for an hour. I didn't see a single car. Back to the metropolis of Ulaanbaatar where people from all over the country gathered here, it was extremely prosperous, illuminating the entire city. High-rise buildings scramble for a place to stand. The car is stuck like Ratchada-Lad Phrao Road on Friday evening at the end of the month.


8. Every chauffeur can take us anywhere, even without roads, accommodation, many tourist attractions don't even have a sign, the road doesn't have a look at the void. But the chauffeur was able to take us to the destination... How can they do that?


9. Out of town, don't expect to find a well because there is really no water, only dust, sand, wind. Not taking a shower for at least 2-3 days is normal. You have to sit in the toilet, finish the mission. There is no water to wash your hands. You can walk straight into the kitchen and scoop rice into your mouth. Hehe (Lucky me that I had a hand wash gel to save lives. Haha)


10. Wet wipes are essential for tropical people who shower every day like us. I can't use it for sure.

11. Anyone who likes to eat meat will like it. People here like beef, goat, sheep, horses, and camels, followed by pork and chicken. if out of town Anyone who doesn't like meat can bring their favorite food from Thailand.


12. 4G internet is clear when approaching big cities or some Gers. The electricity in the generator comes from solar cells. Most of them only have lights. It's good to carry a large capacity power bank with you. Many places don't have power to charge.


13. Can you go by yourself? Of course, If you only travel in the capital city. it's not difficult. But if you walk through the desert or desire to accommodate in Ger (Mongolian tents), you should take a local tour by booking from Thailand or get it there. There are many tour agents. You may take only 2-3 days to sleep in the desert, take a photo with a chilling camel or take a half a month tour, depend on your budget. If you go alone, you will be grouped with other tourists.


14. If you take a bit economical tour, you will have to share Ger with local people that make you get the best feeling. No matter how they eat, we do everything like them. I once read that a Thai traveler stayed with him and went to help the host catch horses for sterilization. So he tasted that horse's testicles for a VIP dinner.

15. If you pay a little more, the tour will arrange a Ger for bedtime especially for tourists, it is comfortable to use but will not feed the natives


16. I went on a photography tour of Thailand. It was lucky to get a good tour without a vest and gained fully at every point - taking photos until I'm satisfied. What I like most is the new friends who join the trip, everyone is so cute, like photo shooting, share the technique of traveling experience & fun taking photos. Everyone were so happy together.


17. Mongolia's westernmost Kazakh tribes are among the last who also raise eagles for hunting. Currently, it is also used to show tourists every year around October. There will be an eagle hunting festival which is a big event that tourists and photographers around the world are looking forward to seeing.


18. Black Market is Ulaanbaatar's famous open-air market, ike Jatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. There are various first-hand items, antiques, tribal items, battlefield items, memories of a time when shopping outdoors in the middle of zero temperature.


19. Kazakh girls are so beautiful


20. If you want to see the sky wider than ever, the enormous stars full of the sky than anywhere else,  the kind that people with poor eyesight like me can see the Milky Way with the naked eye every night. Mongolia is a place you must visit.


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