Eat and Chill at Baan Chok

“Baan Chok”, the seaside café and restaurant and new check-in location that photo snappers and food lovers should not miss. It originally was an old villa of Chokwatana family that has later turned into a restaurant on Baba Beach Club Hotel’s premises. With its beauty and relaxing vibe, visitors are highly recommended to come and get their first-hand experience.

To visit Baan Chok, you do not have to be the hotel guests. Baan Chok welcomes every customers. Customers can choose to enjoy their meal indoor under high white wooden roof, decorated in Colonial style or outdoor on the bean bags among the green grasses, enjoying the sea breeze. They are both very relaxing that one can stay here all day long. On Saturday and Sunday, there is also live music playing at the restaurant.

Recommended Menus for Baan Chok Visitors:

Grilled Prawns Salad with Soy Lime Sauce

Fresh firm prawns that are cooked just right placed on various fresh salad vegetables with Soy Lime Sauce dressing. The sour and salty flavours just go very well with the salad and prawns.

Spicy and Salty Fried Bacons

Huge pieces of thinly sliced fried bacons topped with salt, hot chilli and scallion gives off Thai flavour in every bite. The bacon texture is so chewy that one piece may not be enough.

Crab Sauce Spaghetti

This is a highly recommended dish for any visitors. Smooth tomato cream sauce goes very well with big chunks of crab meats dressed on top of spaghetti that is boiled in Al Dente-style. The spaghetti noodle is not soggy and well-cooked in Italian style or if customers prefer other types of pasta, they can choose pasta of their choice. The chef will gladly cook this dish of delicacy for you.

Chicken Pesto Pizza + Chilli Sausage and Salami Pizza

Large crispy thin home-made pizza that comes in half-half toppings which are chicken pesto and chilli sausage and salami. The first half is filled with huge grilled tender chicken chunks dressed with pesto sauce, sliced onions, capsicums and sliced garlics. They taste just amazing. The other half also tastes second to none. Hot and spicy pizzas do exist with chilli sausage and salami as the toppings. For those who love spicy food, it is a must-try for you.

Fondant Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream

Freshly baked chocolate cake with chocolate lava filling is rich in flavour and delicious as it is neither too bitter nor sweet. The chocolate cake also comes as a good pair with home-made vanilla ice-cream that are served together.

Thai Tea Crepe Cake

Big piece of crepe cake when covered with Thai tea sauce tastes very yummy with rich flavour that is not too sweet or creamy. Besides, the aromatic smell of the Thai tea adds up to the perfection of the cake. With all these amazing combination, customers can enjoy this guilty pleasure without feeling guilty at all.

Lemon Mousse

With the smell of fresh lemon and sweet and sour flavour, it is not hard for lemon mousse to become customers’ favourite. The texture of the mousse is also very smooth that it melts as it touches your tongue that if you missed this dish, you will surely regret it.

Acai Berry Bowl and Tropicana Bowl

A suitable dietary meal that health lovers will fall in love. With just a bowl, it can fill your empty stomach and make you feel refreshing. Let us start from Acai Berry Bowl. It is consisted of Acai Berry, a dark purple fruit from Amazon that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a power food that gives a lot of energy, but low in calories. More importantly, it is high in anti-oxidant that is good for human body. These acai berries are blended till they turn smooth purple, added with sliced almonds and fresh fruits like red strawberry, golden ripen mango and coconut that taste good together. If you feel tired, just have a bowl of Acai Berry Bowl and you will be refreshed.

For Tropicana Bowl, it uses tropical fruits like mango and banana, blend those fruits together and add the sourness of passion fruit inside. After that, topped the blended fruits with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, banana and different types of nuts and it completes. Tropicana Bowl would be suitable for people who like grains as it is a good detox food and tastes delicious.

Young Coconut

Young coconut served as a whole that you can enjoy cool fresh coconut juice and smell its fragrance at the same time. Every coconut is high in quality as it is specially picked from an orchard in Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi.

Ba Ba Punch

A pretty colour drink which is a perfect combination of orange juice and okra juice will make you fall in love. Its sweet and sour flavour can make you feel very refreshing. A true must-try.


For those who love smoothies, you are highly recommended to order this drink because it is made of quality ingredients such as mango, banana and fresh-squeeze orange juice that are blended until the texture becomes so smooth and pour on top of okra juice. No matter how many time you drink, you will fall in love.

Apart from delicious and high quality food, customers will also enjoy the chilling scenery as well as take beautiful photographs for Instagram posts. Anyone using Chaam - Hua Hin route, do not forget to visit this white wooden house. You are assured that you will not be regretting this.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 1100-1800

Saturday and Sunday from 0800-2100โทร. 032-899-130

Contact Number: 032 899 130