5 hot tourist destinations of the year 2019

How do you draw a dream destination?
Romantic, exotic, packed with amazing experiences or full of fun. If it is not sure that in the year 2019, where do you want to go? We have 5 destinations to recommend!

Vietnam is beautiful as a multi-colored

It is one of the most popular destinations in this era. Because of the freshness and variety, it is becoming a "Hidden Gem" that everyone wants to see at least once. In addition to the main cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, must try "Halong Bay". World famous natural heritage and important landmark that attracting tourists to cruise, enjoy the wind and see many limestone islands. Also surrounded by many real estate development projects. It is said that the Vietnamese government intends to raise the level of tourism here to be as Hong Kong's famous bay area.

The famous resort towns, in sea zone must visit Da Nang, Kamran, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc Island. But if it is a mountain or forest area, Dalat ranked number 1 that we must visit. For anyone who likes other interesting place like world heritage cities, don't forget to visit Hoi An, city near Danang, where you can walk, watch the scenery, take pictures of yellow houses all day. At night is crowded with people and the colors of many shops and activities along the way. Invite us to have fun and will not be bored.

India will regret if not visit

Who has never visited India? We reaffirm that it is another destination that must be visited once in a lifetime. Guaranteed that you will be fascinated with the charm that is packed with chaos and colors, both on the road and the way of life of the people. Surrounded by classic architecture, that is not less charm than any other nations. Start collecting the first points at one of the world's most beautiful marble architecture, "Taj Mahal", one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located on the banks of the Yamuna River in Akara. Dubbed the graveyard of love that must be touched by one's own eyes and will be amazed by the exquisite structure and proportions.

Other cities that are interesting and sure that photography lovers will fall in love for sure, is “Jaipur". Major tourist cities of Rajasthan, it is distinctive with sweet tone architecture. Also called "Pink City" There are many points to check in, such as the Royal Palace (City Palace), the Wind Palace (Hawal Mahal), and Amber Fort. In addition, there are other cities such as "Jodhpur", a unique blue city. Believe that India will be another unforgettable trip, match with the slogan "Incredible India"

Turkish this name is never forgotten

Many balloon shots float over the sky, interspersed with a beautiful white limestone mountain background, is one of the inspiration that made people want to visit this two continents country that has area in both Asia and Europe. In addition to convenient to travel there because there are both direct flights and connecting flights available, Thai people can also travel to Turkey without a visa and can stay for no more than 30 days

Turkish beauty is available in many points and they are all amazing. Whether it is Istanbul, the most civilized city, combining friendly atmosphere both in Europe and Asia. Including the city of Cappadocia, the ancient city in the middle of the valley. Sitting in a balloon and watch the beauty city will take you to the thrill of being so excited that you stop breathing. Pamukkale, a beautiful white limestone mountain that is formed by sedimentation of the hot springs. Contrast with blue water in a pond. So beautiful that I want to pack my luggage today!

Morocco shows colorful charm

Backpacking to visit a small cute town is always the trend of world travel. The name of "Chefchaouen”, a small town in northern Morocco, established for over 540 years, located in the heart of Mount Rif, surrounded by natural beauty. Has become one of the tourist destinations When changing the color of the village from the original painted with white, all over with "blue".
It is said that in remembrance of God in 1930, according to the Jewish religious beliefs that gave the blue as a symbol of the sky and heaven, which was the dwelling place of God. Some say that it is not for any other reason, but blue paint helps repel the mosquitoes.

But for what reason, finally it is attracting tourists around the world to spell. In addition to the scenery that we can enjoy, we can also choose to taste food such as goat milk cheese and shopping for local products like clothes, veils, hats, jewelry brass and crockery sets.

Besides Chefchaouen, Morocco also has many more famous cities. If anyone has never been there we suggest pinning the famous destination like Marrakech because you will get many things in one city. Packed with the charm of architecture and magical atmosphere, such as ancient palaces, mosques, large markets in the old town Including all the charming buildings that were painted with pinkish orange according to the city's building conservation rules.

Chile drifts in the universe

Destinations in South America may not be in many people bucket lists. But if you are the real traveler and ready to overlook the distance, let's try to keep the name "Chile", the longest country in the world.

In addition to being a country in which Thai people who hold a Thai passport can enter without having to apply for a visa and can stay up to 90 days, it is also a center of a variety of tourist attractions. Whether it's capital, San Diego, which is packed with fun and entertainment or
Easter Island, where “Moai", a giant stone sculpture with over 600 faces located, Torres Del Paine National Park, majestic mountains and giant glaciers.

Another interesting point is "Valle de la Luna", located in the Atacama Desert Caused by the deposition of minerals with wind and water to help erode the erosion for millions of years. Make the surface of this desert to look like the moon. Even though it is one of the most arid places in the world but it’s more beautiful than expected. Because once the sun goes down, there are masses of stars rising above the sky. Making the Atacama Desert an amazing star-watching place.
The Magellanic Clouds and the Southern Cross right there waiting for us to watch at the observatory. As if we are floating in the universe.

While another highlight of Chile in 2019 is the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, who is an astronomical traveler Do not miss it altogether!

While another highlight of Chile in 2019 is the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, who is an astronomical traveler Do not miss it altogether!

And this is the top 5 tourist destination of the year. 2019 that we would like to recommend. After reading this article and you are ready to go, you can go ahead and book the ticket to these destinations. But if it you are not ready yet, you can start saving money with the bank. Can be a savings or fixed deposit for a trip that suite your situation. When reach budget to travel according to your goal, you can press the button and book a plane ticket to your dream destination.