Singles accommodation, the place to rest in an affordable low budget

Single is a trend these days! The number of singles is rising in Thailand especially in 2020, the number of women will be higher than men around 1.5 million people. (Information from Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, 2017). Anyone who thinks that you may end up being single should prepare yourself in mainly 4 basic needs particularly a shelter. However, a single person can get comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price, but you have to choose wisely and refer to the basic needs which are shown below.  

1. Safety first

This is the first issue because staying alone need to rely on yourself. So, safety is the most important thing. It needs to be lasting and safe, so we do not have to worry. It is better to stay in the village or condominium with security guard and surveillance camera system or the crowd area, near the police station with a friendly neighborhood. Before making a decision, you should go there at night to see the surrounding environment or search the internet to find any criminal history. This will ensure you more.

Also, safety inside the house or surrounding area are also important such as toilet and bathroom floor should not be slippery, enough lighting at home. If you stay at the house, there should be an automatic light around the house to give light at night. Also, the steel bar is needed to protect thief.  

2. One story house vs Condominium, which is the right one?

This depends on your lifestyle and budget. Let’s see the benefit of each type for your decision.

  • One story house is “Convenient, easy and in a budget building”. It is an uncomplicated structure with a low price less than 500,000 THB as a Knock-down one-story house in an upcountry area (price as of 12 November 2018). If you have your dream house and own land, it starts from 300,000 THB (price as of 15 June 2018). The benefit of the one-story house is an outside area for your relaxation, having a friend party, and it is still convenient if you are getting older because of no need to climb upstairs.    
  • The condominium is “Great for investment and location in a budget”. There are many urban condominiums which are next to the mass rapid transit system and less than 1 million THB (price as of 4 September 2018). The benefit of condominium is if you change your mind and do not want to be single anymore or you have to relocate, then yours will be sold or rented easier than a house because of its location with greater access to public transportation. Moreover, its size is easy for cleaning and not too big to feel lonely

3. Prepare for “Convenience” of staying alone

Convenience is one of the important issues. What are those necessary items? Let’s say that if you are in the village or community area, “healthy happiness” is fitness, running track, swimming pool for exercise and “mind happiness” is a public garden for relaxation. It is said that a person living in a green area is facing physical and mental problem less than a person living in a concrete jungle. Moreover, convenient store or department store should be nearby and also, hospital and police station. 

4. Single financial planning for a home or condominium of your own  

Surely, single can ignore kids and partner loads but on the other hand, you have to save money by yourself! However, owning a place, you should have some money of at least 20% of estate price with a steady income and save monthly for owning property. Besides, you should have another additional income whether online business or retail representative. 

If you do not have enough saving but want to own a property, then house loan is one of the interesting options. No need to wait until house price is out of reach. There are many loans with fast approval, easy payment with effective rate and long-term plan.    

Staying as a happy single person whether at home or condominiums or anywhere as you pleased but well-considered. Because this will be a place to rest your heart and soul. ☺