Thinking about a new kitchen? Here is what you need to know

If you are thinking about the renovation of your home kitchen but lack of experience and worry about what should be done first and what to concern. However, the most important thing is that everybody in the family is satisfied. Here is the answer that you are looking for.

Checking if there is any available space

Most of the house has a space in the back and at the side. So, the backside renovation is popular because most facilities' connections are in the back with a convenient entrance. Moreover, the laundry area is also another reason that it is easier to renovate than a side area.    

Choose your style

It is better to ask all family members to find how frequently they use the kitchen so you can decide which style is the best choice. 

  • Open-air kitchen

This type is good for air ventilation which helps reduce the cooking smell. It is a great choice for a family who cook regularly. Most of this kitchen type is built as a solid wall at the bottom and open-air at the top. Its pro is a light structure which causes less floor collapse possibility and it is cheaper because of using less material. However, its con is it may attract animals due to food or leftover whether rats, cockroaches, birds, cats. Also, due to there is no wall, dust is everywhere and results in dirty places. Cleaning and proper storage for dishes and equipment are needed to prevent this issue.  

  • Solid wall kitchen

There are 4 solid walls with a cover-roof. This is suited with not-often cooking families or a house with a small area or a very-close to the next house and could not build an open-air type. Its pro is you can build a built-in area to keep dishes and equipment, animals and dust prevention and also a private area. Its con is less air ventilation, so you need to install the air ventilation fan with a cooking hood. However, it is expensive because of more material, structure and system installation. Also, it is more likely to collapse than an open-air type due to the more weight. 

Do not overlook the structure


  • Kitchen floor is also important. It is okay to pour concrete on the soil ground or as known as slab on ground and no need to have any cradle. This method is to directly transfer loads to the ground. However, soil or sand pressure is needed before pouring concrete to prevent crack due to any collapse. Also, this floor should not relate to the current building because they may fall together. Mat foundation is another option to slow down the collapse.

  • The roof structure is recommended to build a new one and does not connect with the current one in order to prevent collapse and pull the old one down. In case you need to connect with the current one, the joint should be flexible to prevent a future problem.

  • Roof material should be lightweight to reduce the total weight of the new renovation area. There are many options whether metal sheet, vinyl, UPVC or transparent roof such as polycarbonate, acrylic, fiberglass which help reduce cost by using daylight.




  • Distance between fence and kitchen is at least 2 meters (refer to the regulation) or in case too close to the neighbor, you need a letter of permission from your neighbor first.
  • Some distance between renovation and fence helps better air ventilation
  • Kitchen counter height should be 80 - 85 centimeters. Too-low counter may hurt your back while cooking. The kitchen width should be measured from the stove and washing sink size however the average width is 60 - 65 centimeters.
  • Stove and washing sink position should be at least 30 centimeters from each other for cooking and washing at the same time.
  • Before building a counter, refrigerator, stove and washing sink should be measured first for a proper landscape.
  • Do not forget about the electrical socket positions for each appliance.
  • In case building next to a fence (after getting permission from your neighbor), do not forget the rain drain to prevent water pouring to your neighbor. 

As you can see, a kitchen renovation is not that difficult. If you study, plan and summarize your family members' lifestyle, you can get your dream kitchen where it suits all your needs. Interested in the kitchen renovation but lack of money? Try applying for a Speedy Loan which is no need any guaranteed person with a maximum limit at 5 times your income and 72 months installation plan. Do not wait, your dream kitchen awaits you! - Click - Apply for Speedy Loan