Termites ... Why come when money doesn't exist?

A new generation that separates from families to live in a condominium in the middle of the city because of the need for mobility in life. There are already many expenses. For some people who also have a car an expenditure per month is considered a heavy burden for both car installments, condo installments, utilities, mobile phone bills and there are still many other expenses that must handle. If don’t have a good plan, there will be a chance that the salary will not be enough for the expense.

Even we allocate our income per month well. There is always have unexpected things happen. Living on a high rise building who would think that the uninvited guest issue would happen. The condo that has been stayed only a few years in one bad day there was a crisp and crisp noise in the corner of the room along the wall. In the first place, I didn't worry about anything because the condo has already provided insecticide companies to spray poison in the common area on a regular basis. So, I spent my normal life as usual. Until in the line group of the condo, there was another room owner informed that he found termites in the room. Only so, I just thought that is the noise in the room is it sound of termite and the floor is also a wooden floor. When I was looking in the corner of the room, I saw strange signs. Oh, oh ... see it, so creepy, there are a million of them!

With the thought that it can be managed by myself. Therefore, I went out to buy the termite killers in a convenience store to spray. After that, I just lived as normal and my room remained cluttered as before. But the corner where the termites were found is cleaned and left empty, thinking that in this room there will be no guests that are not invited anymore.

One week after going back from the trip, why I heard a sound of termite in the room again. Ended up doing the same as finding the sound source and spraying but it is not exhausted. The worst thing was that all the belongings in the room were destroyed. The shelf, the document box was gnawed. The whole family photo album is just a plastic envelope, birthday gift from friends became the ashtray and fall into dust. The worst thing is the certificate degree were eaten by termites until only the university needle is left. Which I did not know how to replace it. This damage was painful that I wanted to cry.

Finally, had to hire termite removal companies to manage. After talking to the staff they concluded that it is not a medicine that we sprayed was not work but it is the wrong way to treat it. Since the condo sprayed then the termite flees into the room that is not sprayed because it's safer. When we found them in the room, we sprayed them again. So, they fled to other corners. Until the last area was extended to the whole room.

The way to get rid of the termites is to remove the wooden floor and change them to tiles instead. Take the food out, clear the room then spray. Place the bait on the path of the termite so that it can be eaten at the nest and finally die in the crate. The conclusion is to make a new room or renovate the whole room. All this is not done for free, everything has a cost. Where can I find the money for this? The current expenditure is still the same. Plus, more with the shopping expenses that just came from the trip. Just think about how to find money to pay for this is a bad dream.

Termite removal, room renovation costs are almost a hundred thousand. Plus, I will have to pay insurance fees to the condo, in the case of the contractor making damaged to the public property. These expenses cannot be paid by credit cards, but they accept cash or money transfer only. Small salaryman like me where can I find this large sum of money? Why does evil termite come when the money is not available? But to continue to live with termites, the room would be broken.

Don't think about relying on an informal loan that is very high interest. Fortunately, we have a solution. Because today the bank has multi-purpose personal loans that allow us to get a loan without having securities or a person to guarantee. After the loan was approved, the bank will then transfer money to our account. Plus, we can also choose to make short-term or long-term installments so that our lives will not be too difficult. The interest is also reduced. Do not worry that the money will is paid only interests. When there is money, we can do anything. In this case, I got a new room that is more desirable.

Termites ... don't have to come back again.