Hybrid Work has arrived. How to deal with it without running out of energy?

when the normal way of life begins to return Many workplaces seem to miss their employees. therefore gradually called for salarymen to start alternating into the office because they still have to limit the number of people to keep their distance causing many people who had previously adapted to work from home had to tune in and get used to it again So let's try to find a way of working and a helper that will not run out of work or Burn Out from changing lifestyles like this.

1. Stay positive, set a strong mindset.

Accept changes or modifications to have to visit us often up after this if the virus outbreak has not waved goodbye to the world decisively. It is important to be open to new digital skills, whether from programs or devices. who thought it would be more convenient to work remotely, such as cloud technology That will make access to information, whether at home or at work, uninterrupted, no more problems with forgetting documents or keeping information at home? If you don't know, ask someone who knows. Don't be afraid to use technology. Think it's better to start now than not moving at all.

2. Have a consciousness and move on quickly

Even though there is a requirement for the exact number of days to enter the office according to the nature of the job but believe me, there must always be something to cause headaches and immediate problems. If everyone overlaps in two worlds “home” and “work”. When obstacles come unexpectedly That may cause the need to change work plans unexpectedly. until you may start to feel bored Because these things affect the planning in everyday life. The first thing is to be mindful. When consciousness arises, wisdom arises, and problems will subside. And next should be "Move On" or get up from drowning in problems quickly. Set a foothold, restart, find a new path again.

3. Set goals and responsibilities clearly.

It is inevitable that the corporate culture will change from before. It is important to communicate and make clear agreements. What are the goals of each team or scope of work? by having to tune in for everyone to understand and use the same data (Data) as a central rule that prevents fussy problems that may arise in the future Because one of the reasons for power outages is the inability to divide work time and personal time. and time management skills that must be blended or used differently by flexibility


4. Apply team language

Body Language. Who said it doesn't matter? Because it helps to convey the flavor of work. But when meeting more online while having to divide teams into the office. The interactions between coworkers will disappear. But don't look at it as an obstacle. should turn to a team language where everyone must unite in one mind by choosing to leave all the fussy details So that everyone in the team can focus on the goals clearly.

5. Apologize and forgive

Hybrid Work is a new thing that has just begun. Always be aware that everyone can make big and small mistakes. But when you know it's wrong, you should know how to apologize to others. and try to solve the problem so that it doesn't happen repeatedly or when seeing a colleague make a mistake Regardless of the cause must know how to forgive Because this will make people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about working lifestyles in a new world that no one can escape.

6. Team leaders must have two personalities.

There must be resolute and gentle in the same person. Know how to be flexible sometimes and strict sometimes. The more people working in the new era who do not like strict rules and regulations. But it's not that you can let it float without a system. Voice of support helps to supplement the program or technology equipment that facilitates working at home. Look at the timing of the details of the problem. Do not neglect the little things that may accumulate in the mind of the team members bored. As for employees, if they feel uncomfortable or see that they start to get stuck should provoke the team leader to be informed immediately. When the context of the environment changes It's like a scam forcing everyone to adjust their way of working to a new way of living. But nothing is too difficult for human beings to deal with. If you move, stand up and adjust your heart now Power outages at work will not come easily.