Problems with houses that come with the rainy season

The rainy season is coming again. It helps to stop the heat of the temperature in our home to cool down a bit. But from another angle when it rains Often makes many family headaches because of the problems that come with the rainy season.

1.Roof leak

Is a common problem in the rainy season that has it all? The most frequently leaked roof is the area and the connection points. Such as the seam between the roof on each side and seam at the roof ridge. The cause of leakage is due to the selection of non-standard roofing materials and equipment. Incorrectly installed equipment. In some cases, including the shape of the roof that was incorrectly designed in the first place. In addition, it may be caused by other reasons such as roof degradation Cracked roof tiles roofing with improper degrees, etc.

Solutions for fixing and prevention . Must use quality "roof covering equipment" because it is a device that helps increase the safety of the roof. Prevents worry about leakages in the roof area. In addition, homeowners should choose roof tiles and reliable equipment. Including choosing a technician who has expertise and expertise to prevent roof leak problems from the root cause. For the initial situation, if there is a leak, then can use silicone sealant that leaks into, but it is only a correction for the temporary page only

2. Loose-blown roof tiles

With inclement weather during the rainy season Houses must deal with thunderstorms, strong winds, or even a summer storm. The wind speed statistical data from 93 meteorological stations found that the wind speed statistics when rainstorms in most areas are 103 to more than 118 km/hour. Which began to damage the structure Especially the roof because if the roof tiles are not attached properly, the wind force may blow the roof too. Which in addition to causing damage to homes only May also be dangerous to property and people in that area.


Solutions for fixing and prevention To deal with inclement weather, the "Roof Fixing Solution" should be used, consisting of tile screws, tweezers fixing tiles. Let's hold the tiles and request to seize the eaves with the installation method by fixing the roof tiles every row, every sheet. This will make the whole roof fastening firmly by suggesting choosing a fastening device that is of high quality and suitable for the size of the roof.

3. Leaking walls and floors

For problems of leaking walls and floors during the rainy season is similar to the roof leak. Which may be the cause of other problems such as floors or walls causing moisture until mold or algae grow Peeling paint the material is covered by bulging or loose surfaces. Until the structure of the house is damaged by the reinforcement in the concrete being rusty. And if the wall at that point has a power plug or power cord It may cause a leak of electricity as well. In addition, if there is a gap between the door-window and the wall Allowing water to enter the house.

Solutions for fixing and prevention The solution depends on the type of frame material, such as aluminum frame, the original silicone should be removed completely. Cleaned and then grout with new silicone. If the wood frame is still in good condition but separating itself from the surrounding wall to clean and fill the gap with silicone or polyurethane glue. Another cause of water leaks from rainwater is the drains from the roof or balcony that are hidden in the walls of the house or color swelling in the wall as well. Fixing should fix the leaking pipe successfully through the service channel in the house. (If there is no service channel, it is necessary to dismantle the ceiling or smash the wall in the area where leakage occurs) And then repair the wall or damaged area. However, in case of leakage problems until the structure of the floor or beam is damaged, such as concrete cracking until seeing the rusted rebar. Should repair immediately according to the damage characteristics. In the case of rusting the surface, rust with sandpaper and apply Rust Converter before plastering or casting concrete for repair (Non-Shrink Grout), but if rusting, steel-based corals should be repaired under control of expert engineers only.

4. Gutter - Drain

Many people know that each rain does not just rain. But also, to bring dirt or leaves falling as well. Which sometimes when this thing falls into a rain gutter or sewer May cause the drainpipe to become clogged. Therefore, be aware that the drainpipe or rain gutter is still working well or not. If there is no water flowing down when it rains, it means clogged. Solutions for prevention is regularly check and clean. Do not let the dust waste debris or wood clogs to clog. Because it will be the source of the water barrier and eventually cause water to flow into the house.

5. Grass and weeds grow overgrown.

Because of the large amount of water in the rainy season, the grass and weeds in the fast-growing should be cut regularly - decorate the garden. Pull the weeds away arrange the trees in order. And to prevent danger from various reptiles too

Equipment to put water with waterlogged

This issue will be a continuous problem with rainwater. Of course, when it rains, there is often "waterlogging" on the floor or other containers. If left, mosquitoes will start to lay eggs in that waterlogged area. Until being a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes that can carry many serious diseases such as dengue, malaria or encephalitis

Solutions for fixing and prevention. Explore around the house. Check the equipment that holds water around the house and prone completely. Or if there is a small basin, fill the soil or sand to fill up to prevent waterlogging

7. Broken trees over the house

Planting large trees near the house if the rain is heavy, strong winds May cause the branches or trunks of that big tree to be felled and fell over the house to be damaged. Solutions for prevention are not planting too many large trees near the house at first Regularly prune the branches of the big trees beside the house. Do not let any part sticking out or overflowing across the house. Because of danger in the rainy season.

8. Short circuit

The cause is due to the deterioration of the power cord or power supply equipment. Rainwater or moisture from the rain may damage the power supply to a short circuit. And affecting home electrical appliances or may cause a fire risk of fire as well Solutions for prevention and prevention Must check the electrical wires and electrical appliances in the house regularly that it is not old, deteriorated, no leakage, and safe to use

9. Problems with moss on concrete floors

When it rains often in front of the house or the pathway may cause moss Which should not be overlooked at all Because it can cause accident Solutions for prevention and protection after the rain should hurry to clean. Should not be left for a long time. How to get rid of fungus and algae may be used to pour. But must choose the right solution for the surface to be cleaned with allow the solution to react Then use a scrub brush or use high-pressure cleaners.

All the problems mentioned above are some of the big problems that cannot be solved by oneself. Requires skilled technicians to repair for us, such as issues with roof or wall leak Including roof problems blown. The cost of repairing these problems is mostly in the number of tens or tens of thousands, depending on the weight of the problem. For many houses that have problems but lack of repair budget. SCB has a solution to help you repair your home without having to wait to collect money. Get a large sum of up to 3 million baht, pay in installments for 72 months, easy loan by yourself via SCB EASY App. The house will return to be a warm place for the family, no problem. Fussy anymore