"Car tires" is an important thing that many people overlook

“Car tires” is a very important device. But many people tend to overlook the core of the tire. By choosing to buy tires from beauty, promotions, or prices, and when using them, they neglect to take good enough care.

The duty of the tires Involves performance, safety, and comfort Because it serves both to transmit power from the engine onto the road surface, controlling direction Water off the road surface Supports the severe friction from accelerating, braking, or turning, bearing the weight of the vehicle. Including influencing silence and softness. And tires, regardless of their size, during use Each line has an area of ​​contact with the road surface only about 1 palm only. For sedans or general pickups means Rubber quality is very important.

The main components of the tire are the composition of the tire, the frame, the design of the tread, and the grooves. At present, different manufacturers have different development strategies. According to the specified selling point

But on the consumer side, it is important to use it mainly when choosing, purchasing and maintaining.

Choose the right type of tire "Weight - Speed"

When choosing tires, the first thing is to choose the right type of use. Nowadays, our house has seen very often misuse such as passenger vans that have to support a lot of weight. Instead, choose to use a sedan that can support less weight. Because he saw that it was softer. In this regard, anyone who uses the van service frequently Should be noted before using the service Because it is related to safety

Each tire has a load capacity and is shown by 2-3 digits on the sidewall. And there are English letters at the end to compare the numeric code with the carrying capacity

Such figures Did not mention the weight that the tires can bear Rather, it is a code for comparing the load capacity of tires. Which can be viewed from the tire shop or tire manufacturer for comparison tables to check.

For example, if it is the number 80, it means that the tire will support the weight of 450 kg/line or 96 can support 710 kg/line, or if it is 112, it means that the weight can be 1,120 kg/line, etc.

Once the numbers have been obtained, it is easy to calculate the usage. For example, Code 80 can support 450 kg, if 4 lines are equal to that car, can carry a total weight of 1,800 kg. Therefore, if certain types of vehicles, such as pickup trucks, choose to install tires with this code They will be at risk. Because just the pick-up truck Excluding the weight of luggage, it is about 1,600 kg already.

For example, if it is N, it is driving at a maximum speed of 140 km / h or Y can get up to 300 km / h

Why do you have to look here? The answer is for safety in use. And value. Because if driving frequently at speed Must choose a tire that can accept high speed But if it is a slow driver, eats the wind and admires the view, the choice of tires that can accept very high speed It made the cost increase for nothing.

Tire life - how storage affects performance

The age of the tires is another thing to look at as well. But it doesn't have to be so serious that you must bring out the freshly made rubber. Like a snack just out of the oven. Because the rubber has a production process, stock transportation, and factory stock. And stock at the tire shop, Therefore, if it has been produced for about 1 year, it is still considered a new tire that can be used. No problem

The age of the tire can be viewed from the time it was produced through 4 numbers on the sidewall, with the first 2 meaning the week, the latter 2 means the year, for example, 1219 means that it was produced in the 12th week of 2019 or around the end of March 2019

What should be more serious is tire storage. When changing tires each time, see how the tire shop stores the tires. If stacked on top of each other, there is a risk that the tires will lose their shape. Lose the roundness of the circumference When used, it may cause the car to shake or jerk.

Good tires should be picked up vertically. And do not overlap and if you can rotate and change the point that touches the ground constantly is even better.

The tire size can be changed, but it must be appropriate

Tire size is a priority for car users. Many people do not like the standard tire size that comes with the car. And replaced with the belief that it affects driving performance, or some people look at the matter of beauty

Can you change it? The answer is yes, but you must change the size accordingly. The important thing that should be held in the circumference that should change as little as possible or if not changed at all is even better. Because the circumference will change will cause different values ​​such as distance, speed, because each car's computer is set according to the size of the tires attached to the car.

In addition, what you need to know is Changing a larger tire size has a direct effect on fuel consumption and increased steering weight.

And what you need to be aware of is the tire size is too big Whether it is tread or girth will affect the control of the car, such as turning not possible. The turning circle of the car has increased. Because the tire collided with the wheel arch. Or when going up and down hills such as the Xylophone Hill, the semis, the way up and down the building the tires will rub against the wheel arch. Make noise. And when used indefinitely Rubbing the sidewall or the tread will damage the tire structure. And it is very dangerous that the tires explode while driving. This is something that has happened before

Is it better to wind soft or hard tires?

When choosing the right tires, use must be used in the right way to maximize the life of the tires. Because the price of each line is not cheap Something that is easy to do is to avoid exercising. Avoid using heavy brakes. Do not drive in curves at high speeds. And should not swerve the steering wheel while the car is stationary

As for tire care, the first thing is to inflate the tires properly. By looking at the numbers attached to the car Most of which are in the area Driver's side door frame pillar. When the door is opened, you will see a data sheet indicating exactly how many pounds of pressure you need to inflate. And check regularly At least once a week, which should be done during the cool tires, such as in the morning before using the car.

The tire is too soft or hard. Causing uneven wear of the tread. And soft tires are more dangerous than hard tires, such as soft tires, which will not drain water well, and if you drive long distances. Soft wind causes the sidewall to collapse and stretch more. Causing heat to accumulate. And the smaller the mass of internal air can move more. Resulting in more heat than normal.

Although nowadays, there is a small chance that the tires will explode during use but soft tires More likely than normal tires. Or harder than usual

As for adding more tires than usual, can it be possible or not? Of course, it can and should be done when carrying a lot of weight. And travel long distances, such as taking the family on a full car trip with another big baggage under the trunk lid

Check the condition of the tire manually

One thing that should be done in the morning. Before using the car, every time is to walk around. To see what is wrong with both the body and the tires

The tire check is to see if there is anything stabbed or not, there are cracks, cracks, a sharp cut. Or swelling? And must make a decisive decision, for example, if there is a deep cut to the rubber frame There is a low mark on the sidewall or is swollen, must be replaced only. Because the sidewall is the most sensitive part. If there is something stabbed on the front If not too big Can be patched for reuse

In addition, you should always pick out any debris, gravel, or anything that gets into the groove. Because if you let it When used continuously Pressure can cause these materials to damage the rubber structure.

Another thing is important. The treads must be of sufficient height. The tread grooves must be deep enough. By looking at if the tread is worn down to the same height as the bridge made as a landmark in the grooves Must be replaced as well

All of this is not difficult. But it's a matter of paying attention That will help increase efficiency and safety in the use of cars, use the road to more that