The world is changing with investment opportunities in renewable energy.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in global crude oil prices rose rapidly. In addition, there is more interest in energy that will replace energy from oil. This makes investments in renewable energy very attractive.


Renewable energy is energy that is used to replace fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas which is about to expire in the future. At the same time, conventional energy also releases enormous amounts of carbon dioxide which causes the greenhouse effect and global warming problem.

In addition, renewable energy refers to energy that exists in nature and can be used as an unlimited replacement for conventional energy. The most important and widely used renewable energies are solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, biomass energy. geothermal energy All of which are energy sources with high potential. It can effectively solve the problem of energy shortage and reduce pollution problems

For the growth of renewable energy business from the graph below, it can be seen that the growth of electricity generation from renewable energy (Renewable Energy) from various sources found that every 6 years, the growth rate of renewable energy, including other renewable energy, grows. with almost 1-fold growth every 10 years.

If investors are interested in investing in renewable energy business, you can start investing through mutual funds that have a policy to invest in renewable energy business or by investing in ETFs that invest in renewable energy stocks. For an example of an investment in renewable energy theme, please see what Stock Exchange of Thailand provided the following information

Solar Energy


It is the most popular theme. Because sunlight is a highly stable energy. In view of the business, many companies are able to rapidly scale up their investments due to their diversified downstream industries. While the main business like generating electricity in the United States, it is expected to grow to more than half of total production capacity by 2050, manufacturers of inverters, batteries or solar energy storage systems.


Wind Energy

It is a prominent investment theme in environmental protection. Therefore, there has been investment from the government to assist in the development of advanced technology. This theme will invest in global companies that are active in the wind industry, including production systems and related equipment. Rather, it is primarily specific to regions with large niche areas.

Water Energy

It is the most diversified investment theme in business because besides the business of producing energy from water. It also includes related industries such as irrigation utilities, construction of sewers, pipelines or water purification. Water is the most common alternative energy source today, accounting for about 7% of US electricity generation. This business is therefore highly stable and has lower volatility than other clean energy

Waste Management

It's an investment theme that turns dirt into clean energy. Therefore, the most complex and versatile even on the energy technology side, it is not very prominent because it often uses Biomass or waste to generate heat. Rather, this theme includes investments in various service businesses, such as collection, transfer, waste disposal, recycling, and environmental consulting, and therefore often has a higher business margin than other clean energy themes.

Currently, countries around the world have started to focus on using renewable energy instead of fossil energy. The popularity of renewable energy continues to increase. Therefore, it is an opportunity for investors to invest. However, renewable energy is still a matter of the future, so it is suitable for investors who want to invest in long-term changes and can tolerate relatively high short-term volatility.


(Source: IEA analysis based on total electricity generation from IEA)