Good school VS school near home-- How to find the right solution?

To find a school that has the right qualifications in terms of courses, the quality of teachers and staff who will take care of our children, reasonable price and environment, is a matter that parents must check carefully. But another factor that is extremely important Is the location of the school because education is a long-term issue. Our kids must travel back and forth every day. If it happens that all the school is satisfied but it’s far away from our home, then what we are going to do?

It is known that for the people of Bangkok, there are many advantages to go to school near the house. For sure, children don't have to spend long trips because the traffic in Bangkok is not fun. When don’t have to spend a lot of travel time then children don't have to wake up very early in the morning. In the evening, there will be plenty of time to do various activities, such as homework, revising lessons, practicing music, playing fun with friends who live nearby. As well as saving travel expenses such as fuel costs and expressway fees as well.

And what to do to make a good school and schools near the house to be the same place where is the perfect choice for all parties to be happy and Our children can study there until the end of the education.

Method 1 - Plan to explore schools in various residential zones

This must be planned before marriage and buy a new house. Must look far beyond what schools are about some residential zones. If the future father and mother prefer the international school Sukhumvit-Bangna area Is the perfect zone. If it is a famous Catholic Christian school line in the downtown area of ​​Sathorn-Silom-Bangrak and nearby. If it is an alternative school or EP school, the bilingual school where can be given to children in both Thai and English at a reasonable price, West Bangkok Zone / Thanon Bank is a good choice and there are interesting housing projects in that area.

Method 2 - Second-home- Perfect solution

If anyone has a home already, moving to the new house may not be easy. But for the good education of the children, some parents are willing to change their ways of life. Second-home on Monday-Friday is a solution to this problem. Thanks to the bustle of the current real estate business with many condominium projects emerging in a variety of locations. If you want your child to study at the school in downtown, it is impossible to buy a house with all the land. Choosing a condo as a second home is popular with many families. Because it is enough choice for education and good quality of life for the children. And if looking in the long term, property prices are in an uptrend. Especially if it's in a location near the famous school, there will be other parents of students will want to buy, rent, and let the family live near the school. When the time that we don't have to stay there anymore, we can sell and make a profit or rent it to be a passive income. It is a perfect solution for families to have a residence near their children 's school, along with long - term investment at the same time.


However, many top brand condos in good locations, the price is not cheap.
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Information from : Sansiri Blog