How to do export business to outperform your competitors in the digital age

To exporting goods abroad is a great dream for many entrepreneurs. Some people struggle to achieve success, but some people must extinguish their dreams. Let's imagine that the market outside of our country is a huge purchase. How many times bigger compared to that we have sold in the country.

But to export goods outside the country, it’s not that difficult but also not easy. Because they are many steps, such as, product type, the market we go to promotion our product, and including documents and customs clearance. These are the subjects that entrepreneurs need to study deeply in detail. Or consult a professional is the best way. 

For those who want to export goods to sell outside the country, but still do not know where to start from. The following is a major consideration; must know where to export, how much demand in that market, what is our product, how to export it, what is the payment method, etc. Entrepreneurs may need to answer the following questions first.


  • Does our product meet the target market?

  • The size of the domestic market is worth the investment?

  • Are there enough target buyers?

  • Ineternal stability and risk factors of the country

  • The suitability of the exported goods to the culture of the target country.

  • Basci consumer behavior

  • Difficulties in exporting both the trade barrier or the standard of goods.

  • Include shipping mileage as well.

The export method before that had to travel to present the products at trade show in various countries. Took the product there and sold directly or found a representative in that country. All these methods could take a lot of time. But today it has been exported in a more convenient way, that is, export with online channels. The easiest way is to have your own website, which the online world can now connect to all around the world.

If we customize the site to it easy to find in various ways, such as SEO, Classified Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Twitter. It will help customers find us easily. Or we may find customers by promoting products by link our websites on other sites that may provide free of charge. It is other way to save money.



But there is another way that is considered an interesting and rather direct online channel that is to join the market place of various countries that allowed us to sell the product there. But most of these websites are also B2B-marketplaces in each country and can be both free and paid.

These marketplaces are classified as country-based, such as Amazon or Alibaba, or Global Sources, a global market place. To list the products in these marketplaces is like making an online catalog of those countries.

The second is the vertical base or Industry base is the market place by product type. For example, a food item has a vertical base that gathers food vendors or product sold directly from the factory. The vertical B2B marketplace, vendors can bring goods into the list itself. The more we are in the markets, the more we have our branches.

The advice now is to have the person responsible for this directly act as virtual sales. Can open branches on the vertical marketplace around the world. If you decide to use an online channel, product cataloging needs to be interesting and attractive, business content and credibility are of paramount importance. The key details of a business such as who we are, how long have we opened? what standards that we received, the clear details of the goods, etc.

For those who want to export online may start asking for advice from SCB who has held the seminar, SCB joins Amazon DHL and DITP with eCommerce Thailand connects business opportunities with eCommerce to the global market. Or visit Alibaba website and Global Sources. To simply find an online marketplace, for country level, try searching by country and then follow by B2B marketplace. Or for vertical, search with the industry name and follow by B2B Marketplace. The advantage of vertical is that it often meets customers in an industry.

To be ahead of competitors in today's market, cannot do the same approach anymore. Must open the market to the widest possible in a simple way, such as online channels. And in the next step, can connect the online world with the offline world. Do not forget to focus on the brand because it determines the value of product and the technology must be used in the production process to increase efficiency.