5 Popular Destinations to Learn English and Visit Tourist Spots

Tourist industries all over the world start to search for new attractions to attract more tourists and one of the magnets attracting young travellers is none other than experiencing their journey, learning English language skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as receiving some certificates for them or their family to be proud.

If talking about learning English, many people might think of going to big cities in England or United States of America like London or New York. But, do you know that there are many cities in these countries and many more countries in the world that allow you to travel and cultivate your language skills at the same time.

1. Bristol, England

Forget about London and lock this name in the drawers if you have reached the western side of the capital city, Bristol, another centre for many guaranteed language institutions. Also, there are several courses that students can choose, from everyday English to preparation for English tests. Moreover, there are many types of accommodations as well as learning programmes that students stay with English teachers in which students can effectively learn the language.

Things that make Bristol so popular, apart from more affordable price and location that is not far from London, is an environment that matches new generation visitors who love travelling and cultures. This is because Bristol hosts countless festivals every year and its music festival is very well-known. After the semester is closed, students can visit cities like Bath and Cardiff which is very convenient to travel to.

2. Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand, the destination that is not so distant from Thailand, is another potential option for visitors who wish to learn and travel. Apart from the security reason, New Zealand is filled with beautiful natural tourist spots which is a conducive environment for learning.

Besides, the great quality of accommodations and public utilities is another strong point of New Zealand. Many restaurants and facilities can be found here and if parents wish to tag along, there are plenty of tourist attractions to visit. It is not a long journey from the downtown and islands and gulfs and beaches can be seen. There are also walking trails for visitors to appreciate the sceneries of Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea or view the summits of up to 53 volcanoes that are located not far from one another.

The highlight that travellers should not miss is the filming location of the famous movie, Lord of The Rings, that can be organised as a one-day trip or visitors can choose to spend a night to experience culture with several café on service.

3. Brisbane, Australia


Brisbane is a city in Australian state of Queensland which is often referred to as “Sunshine State” in Australia because Queensland is being exposed to sunlight more than 300 days per year with the lowest temperature of only a little below 21 degree Celsius. Thus, travellers do not have to be afraid of coldness and quietness of winter. Also, the weather is suitable for outdoor activities, both on land and water activities. The best time to visit would be during the school semester break in October which is the spring period. The city will be filled purple Jacaranda which is worth capturing in the photos.

Moreover, Brisbane has better quality and more affordable student hostels compared to other cities in Australia. Language institutions usually offer study program together with student lodges to specially facilitate foreign students. Besides, transportation fees can be saved as students will pay student rate fees which is 50% off from the actual price and lower price of 25% off to rent bicycles, “City Cycle”, and cycle around the city. Last but not least, Brisbane is a house of popular tourist attraction like the “Great Barrier Reef” which is one of the biggest coral reeves in the world.

4. San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is a city along west coast of America with completely different lights from east side and has a comfortable atmosphere which is suitable for education. As it is a land of English native speakers, there is no doubt an appropriate place with conducive environment for studying American accent English.

Apart from that, San Francisco is considered as one of the cities in America with the best quality of life with the joy of cultural activities to practise language skill like music festival, arts festival and all sources multicultural gourmet. Also, it is a place of organic agricultural that fresh food can be easily found.

Besides the iconic red Golden Gate Bridge, there are recreational areas like public parks which is very suitable for cycling or strolling for relaxation or taking a walk at Pier 39 is not such a bad idea.

If anybody is looking for an inspiration for future career, San Francisco might be a good place to visit as it is a city that many headquarters of modern businesses situated. For examples, Facebook, Airbnb, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube including technological companies such as Tesla Motors that some companies are opened for visitors to visit their offices and museums.

5. Cebu, Philippines

This is the closest destination to Thailand that is often forgotten. The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia that is known for its English course and tourist destinations. It started to become popular among Asians who want to save cost, especially Japanese that more than 584 000 Japanese people enter the Philippines after 2017 and one of the purposes is to study English to prepare themselves for the new entrance examination that will focus more on English speaking skill. This is so that Japanese will be ready as a host for Olympic Games 2020.

This points out the quality of English education in the Philippines that it is second to none with lower cost. The city that offers language course and travelling is “Cebu” where no less than 15 guaranteed institutions are located. Similarly, “Boracay”, a famous coastal tourist spot of the Philippines, has started to build up its reputation to attract tourists from Asia Pacific to study English and attain certificate as well as photographs of beautiful tourist attractions.

Although some people might not have enough time to travel and study English altogether, but if you are determined enough, short vacation or domestic travelling can actually improve your English. You might want to try to be a welcoming host to the foreign visitors and are keen to initiate conversations with them or practising English by listening to English music is not such a bad idea as well.