Financial transaction via application, what a surprise!

In this smartphone era, many people are familiar with a financial transaction via a smartphone application. So, banks are already added new features for their customer convenience. Apart from basic function whether cardless cash withdrawal, open new accounts, register prompt pay, transfer money, monitor financial flow, top-up mobile, public utility, and service payment, check the exchange rate and investment are new available features on mobile which are buying travel insurance, cash withdraw from credit card, credit card installment plan, register loaning program for education and medical service, etc. These are what we can easily get by ourselves. Let’s find out what these functions are. 

Buying travel insurance, just the tip of the finger

It is easy to buy travel insurance via application anywhere and anytime even your last minute before taking off. Main coverages are included loss of life, dismemberment, or total permanent disability, medical expenses, and medical evacuation. Furthermore, you can add extra coverage in your risk area or worried such as flight delay, missing flight, baggage delay, loss or damage of baggage, personal money, and documents. This makes a trip worry-free!  

Convert remaining available credit card balance into cash

Have you ever found that after using a credit card for a long time and you are trustworthy, so they increase your available balance every year to a higher level that you never used? Paying full amount for your credit card is great but in case any emergency happens it is better to convert your remaining available balance in that month to cash which will be transferred immediately after your confirmation via the application. The interest rate will be lower than other cash advance card and you can select the installment plan as you wish. This helps you pass the crisis not too harsh.

However, if you did buy something expensive and not worry about available balance but how to pay, you can request an installment plan with a lower interest rate than a usual payment. But you need to request before your cut-off date otherwise it will be in your next month credit statement and not the installment as you plan. Certainly, all these can be done via application. 

Loaning for education in one application

Nowadays, education competition is very high. Everyone wants to be a success and get a higher education to ensure their future. Although our basic living is inequality but if we are seeking for success, we need to compete for a good-grade scholarship which is very limited or another choice which is getting a loan for education. This is good debt and worth investing in, right?

This is available for all education levels from kindergarten to a doctoral degree. Also, parents who are worried about child tuition fee or a kid who does not want to increase the financial burden on his/her family can apply for this loan too. Only personal identification paper, work verification such as salary payment slip or previous salary statement (for employee) and education receipt or quotation. You can request a loan which has a limit from thousand to millions which can be paid regarding your desired installment plan. This does not require guarantor or collateral and easily do via application. 

Loaning for sickness and emergency medical fee

Emergency sickness or accident may cause you a fortune. Physically hurt and also mentally with money? Ouch, this is too much! Even though no one wants this to happen but unfortunately it often happens without prior notice. Luckily, there is a loan for a medical fee that we can do an installment too.

In case you do not have a health or life insurance and no medical welfare, then your money flow may be struggling. However, preparing your personal documents, medical certificate and medical fee from the hospital or medical center or clinic and you can apply for this loan and wait for bank approval to get money. 

Just a simple click... Some financial transactions that we thought it is complicated will be super easy and can be done via application. This makes us worry-free!