Folk Tales and the Development of Child

By  T. Aukrararat        

Lot of parents may familiar with the sentence of “Benefit of telling folk tales to your child”.  However, there are not many families that invest for their babies by this type. Some start reading for their child since pregnant. Some may start when their babies become a newborn or when they think the kids understand what they are saying and many of them decide to pay for other media types apart from books. Are books worth reading to your children? 

When should we start reading books for the kids? Many researches show that benefit of reading books since pregnant helps sensitivity nerves stimulation and brain from the newborn especially auditory system. Moreover, these children will have better learning-language and other developments than others.

Can a mother read other type of books aside from children books or fairy tales while pregnant? Many doctors say you can but if you are reading not-children-genre book, it should be easily understandable and no stress. Do not forget that we need to build positive emotion to the babies, and these can be connected via voice tone and mother emotion. So, fairy tales, children book or children encyclopedia may be a good starting point. Mothers may wonder what the difference between reading books from electronic device and actual book is. It is easier to read from electronic device, however, the proper condition to develop baby should be actual book because of reading from tablet may distract mother mind. Moreover, reading for baby helps increase mother concentration and truly meditated.    

Reading from actual book helps increase positive feeling since touching the book and its cover material, seeing picture and name. These makes parents smile, curiosity, and interesting in their story. After start reading story and seeing picture increase their fun and relaxation. Continue reading page by page build meditation for both parent and child. Moreover, reading books since pregnant is a worth investment as mentioned above benefit and it is a practice before the baby comes out. So, parents will not be awkward and be able to read smoothly. Parents can practice the voice tone change according to characters and situations. Also, repeatedly baby-listening help the kids develop their memories and language ability. Believe me that after the baby is born, these books will be re-told many times. This is a truly long-term worthy resource investment.

Reading for a newborn is a continuous development for a child because the first 5 years is an incredible learning period for human. First of all is language skills development which babies can remember letters and word usage although they cannot read and understand overall story, but they can see a letter, word and sentence together with parent voice tone. Babies start to understand the meaning of sentence via voice tone and sentence form. Also, sentence with an expression which is delightful, regretful, begging, or denying. They start collecting vocabulary for communication and language usage.

The second development is thinking skills because the kids have a greater imagination than what they see and listen. For example, they will make up a lion image on their mind when they heard the lion in the story tale and that lion could change depends on various situations whether in another new book, lion statue in an amusement park, or even a real lion in the zoo. Lion in the tales will be related to their new experience that they are facing.

Development of intelligence is another skill which is built from their dot connecting. For example, when children read a book, they will see a structure and shape from the picture in the book which are also continued develop their understanding of architectural and engineering.

Development of mental skills is another important thing. In fairy tales, there are both positive and negative side which kids will learn how life is from another life teller whether birth, dead, disappointment, obstacle, problem, solution and the result of someone action. Tales give lesson, morality of life and various life thinking way to kids and those who read many books will see a lot of examples of good and bad. This helps them learning and giving more consideration to every action in important situation of their life.

And the most important thing of reading books to children is building-parent-child-relationship development. When mom or dad is reading books to their kids, that is when they are spending good time together, no television and no mobile phone. It is a communication between them both by letting the kids see parents faces, hear their voice and touching their warm skin while reading help the kids know their parent love which is the fundamental of growing a good mindset in the future.

Besides, it is the process of caring and encouraging the growth or development of reading behavior which is the principal of learning. Furthermore, in this big data world, they need to know more and more. One day if your baby crawl and bring your used-to-read-book to see the picture by themselves or a grownup asks for a new book which is a good sign that they interest in book more than something else. So, due to this benefit and value of reading books to your children, it is an easy and worthwhile activity to invest in.