Fake Facebook Identifying

In the digital era while communication between various organizations, brands etc. and consumers has reached each other instantly through social media namely Facebook Page, Twitter, Line Official Account and so forth peoples with ill-intention, accordingly, have grasped available gaps to present fake social media accounts with pictures and video content.  Such brands cloning serves as criminal device to find out personal data by certain questions which might be affected us.  

In the case of Facebook despite those cloning efforts but all Official Pages are of identity which cannot be copied as followings: 

1) Verified Badge

All big social medias i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all of Verified Badge for certifying accounts of certain organizations, brands and celebrity etc.  In the case of SCB, the Bank’s Facebook Page, Twitter, IG Account which are of the name SCB Thailand also attached by the Verified Badge (shown in the picture) at the end.  If there is no any said mark, be promptly suspected if it is a fake account (for other pages or brands without Verified Badge please look for other required composition)   


2)  Correct spelling of Page name 

Another fake page cheating trick is the closest fake-page-name, but with various signs i.e. (,) mark, (.) mark or special alphabets, similar to those in English.  Therefore, a small overlooking moment might be of a conclusion that it is the real page.  In the case of SCB, the Bank hereby emphasizes that all our Social Media accounts are only in the name of SCB Thailand. 

Following are Fake Facebooks in either SCB or other page names. 

  • SCB, Thailand
  • SCB Thailand, Bank
  • SCB Bank, Thailand
  • SCB. Thailand
  • SCB Thaîland
  • SCB Thaiłand
  • SCB Thialand
  • ธนาคารไทยพานิชย์
  • ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์
  • บัตรเครดิต SCB ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์


3)  Number of followers of post-contents and number of Like, Comment/post 

Number of Page Like is another point to classify who are the real one or fake followers since all official pages of all brands have been launched for a certain period of time.  Accordingly, if any big brand’s page is of only tens or hundreds of followers it should be then suspicious for being a fake one.  The SCB Thailand Page, by the way, has been launched since the end of 2010 with several millions of followers.  If you happen to come across any similar page of such less followers, then take it for a real fake one! 

Page posting and number of Like is another way to decide if it’s a fake one or not.  Normally the brand page would be of 3-4 story posting daily with a certain number of Like and Comment.  But if any page is of every 5-10 minutes, post and almost without Like or Comment you should suspect that it is of a criminal attempt to copy a real one.  

4)  Customer’s information finding 

SCB Social Media account in the “SCB Thailand” name utilizes inbox message to take care of customer services for which there is no any question pertaining confidential matters i.e. number of Pin ATM, credit card and SCB Easy Net Code.  In the case you are the lucky winner of any award activity the concerned officer would contact you for ID card copy with the Link of official announcement for checking. 

Conclusion about the real or fake SCB Thailand Page

  • The real one must be of Verified Badge
  • The name SCB Thailand must be of correct spelling 
  • The number of fan page must be of over 3 million  
  • Certain confidential information i.e. number of Pin ATM, credit card code to enter SCB Easy Net would not definitely be asked through the Inbox service.