New options for exporters to search for partners and update export data in a simple fingertip

The true story that international businesspeople face

In the past, exports of products to foreign countries Stepping out into the world market can be difficult. But in today's world, when there is a technology that shortens the world. Khun Kornvika Wongsariyawanich, CIO DEESTONE Corporation Will talk to us about the use of technology that makes difficult matters become easier. Distance is not an obstacle Causing foreigners, languages, cultures, and rules to do business Mutual understanding Can make trading easier and this is an opportunity for Thai exporters to easily step up to enter the new market.

How difficult is the Thai tire export market?

Khun Kornvika Wongsariyawanich, CIO DEESTONE Corporation, the large tire manufacturer in Thailand, 100% Thai company, says that, in general, Thai tire exports. Fundamentally not difficult, because in the international market already accept products processed from Thai rubber. Because of the natural rubber of Thailand, we have good quality. But in the past, it must be acknowledged that exports are much more difficult than the present because there is no technology to help. "Going out to sell is carrying goods into various fairs that they organize. We will have a problem that Once we have found a partner, how can we know that this partner is the right partner? " Khun Korn said that unlike the present day, there are online platforms that collect both various information About the import and export of each country. As well as information from business partners around the world to help exporters do business more easily.

Trade fair, how to find traditional partners with restrictions

Khun Korn view that going to trade fairs is costly. Going once, sometimes has a high cost. While not getting anything back especially when looking for the right partner. "It's quite difficult to know that in that country, people the one who entered our booth, is he a trusted person? There are a lot of steps after that that need to be checked. And many times, it can't be checked. " Khun Korn talks about the limitations of finding a reliable partner from the Trade Fair. However, she still views the trade fair Still needed but entrepreneurs should find additional tools that will help extend the fair to be more efficient than before. In which the tool is to find out who this partner is, where they come from Can you trust it? Currently, it can be checked from many sources, such as Trade Insurance, which will be able to tell what the financial partner is, but with the trade insurance costs will be added. "But today, the SCB launches the SCB Trade Club program, which can be another step to check if this customer actually exists. How long has it been established and how much has been sold? These data can be used as information for consideration. "Khun Korn talks about a new tool such as the SCB Trade Club which can extend the trade fair more efficiently.

Large market with potential but not yet accessible What is the cause?

Khun Korn described the potential market and large markets such as Russia and South American countries. Thai entrepreneurs are still not doing well in the market. She said that both groups have characters that are quite similar. There is a lot of protection for domestic manufacturers. And checking what the customer is like Who it comes from is quite difficult. In addition, the trading system uses different methods. These reasons make it difficult to decide whether it is safe to trade in those markets or not. Are you good at defending yourself? Which she sees as a very difficult matter. But if there are additional tools to help with the information of trade partners in that country To know that each of their partners has a real network Reliable Having good financial credit and being on the SCB Trade Club list will be able to ensure that this partner actually exists and has true business management capabilities.

How does the Trade Club and Trade Portal help exporters?

"Basically, the data that the SCB Trade Club has collected in the Trade Portal, whether it is the export data in each country. Export statistics, whether rubber products or related products It is quite useful because there are many insights that can help us to know how much the current export we are comparing to the whole country. There are still markets that have a chance to enter again. And the very interesting part Which is in the supplier list and Importer list. This is not just the customer's information only Even the materials we use, import, export, we can check that nowadays there is a change in the list of suppliers. Who is new? Who has grown up? And clarification of Import duty, import-export costs Rules involved in the cost. This is very impressive that SCB Trade Club has collected quite a lot of information and resolution. Is accurate as a guideline. " Khun Korn shared his impressions of the SCB Trade Club and Trade Portal features and functions.

The phrase "knowledge is like having hundreds of thousands of assets" still works well in today's world. Especially the world of export and import enterprises that need to update information about various regulations of each country that is constantly changing Including various numeric data That will be used to make decisions in marketing. And another very important part is the information that the partners will decide to join hands as partners to do business together with how reliable Because nobody would want to be hurt by choosing the wrong partner. But today does not have to waste time trial and error Try again because SCB Trade Club has put together a reliable partner. And has been selected and certified by 14 leading banks, more than 21,000 from 51 countries around the world. To save time looking for information and build confidence for entrepreneurs.

Business customers who are interested in becoming a part of the global business network, SCB Trade Club, can request the business relations manager or SCB Business Call Center 0 2722 2222.