Top 11 Best & Least Selling Online Products

During a pandemic, COVID-19, consumers’ behavior and products demand has changed rapidly. SMEs, entrepreneurs, or online trading should know which products are selling fast and which are not and if the situation has not returned as before how would they adjust? Those who can give the best answer are those that have been working with product stocks because they have seen changes in the numbers of what's selling fast and what's still remain in the stock. Mr. Nithi Satjathipwan (Meak) CEO & Founder of My Cloud Fulfillments; a one-stop- service company that supports online businesses will explain and giving guidance for online marketing strategy.

Who is ‘My Cloud Fulfillment’?

My Cloud Fulfillment is an online warehouse service that provides storage-packing-delivery or collect-packing-delivery for businesses who sell across different online platforms with an order management system that can connect with various systems (API). Store your merchandise at My Cloud's facility and when a sell order comes through an online warehouse system, My Cloud will manage to pack and deliver products to any customers’ sales channels. We also provide other customers special needs such as special packaging, QC, etc. An order management system can automatically collect sales data from platforms to analyze supply chain, purchase orders, and use these data to manage product inventory efficiently. 

Top 11 Most Selling Product

Mr.Nithi has told us that during pandemic the number of orders increase from 45,000 transactions to 80,000 transactions per day. On some day it can get up to 100,000 transactions. When sales are going up it means that people want to buy more online. Then, what is the best-selling? 

No.11 Electronics

Microphone, Headphone, Mouse, Keyboard, Stylus, Wireless Router to use for working.

No.10 Bedding

Microphone, Headphone, Mouse, Keyboard, Stylus, Wireless Router to use for working.

No.9 Food Supplement 

Multi-Vitamins nourish the body’s different systems and those who work at home have to be in front of a computer longer than before so they want to take care of their eyes and brain with good supplements. Vitamin C helps increase the immune system. This is why food supplement category sales increase 1.5 times than before.

No.8 Cosmetics

Although people are working at home, with an online meeting they still need to look good so the facial foundation is very important. During these times, we are wearing a mask all the time so eyeliner can make your eye looks pretty. Also there are a lot of promotions so sales are skyrocketed.

No.7 Cleaning Tools

Dishes/Clothes Washing detergent, Napkins have sales transactions of over 3,000 within 10 minutes especially when they are sold in pairs. This reflects consumers’ awareness of the value they are paying.

No.6 Snacks, Dried Food, Aerated Soft Drinks

People are worried to go out and buy it from the supermarket, plus there are promotions on Lazada or Shopee that is 30-40% cheaper. These products can be stored for a long time.

No.5 Consumer Products

People bought it more online. ie. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

No.4 Kids’ Product

Diapers, Toys, and Feeding nipples are all necessary for kids.

No.3 Cooking Tools

Normally, people like to go out for dinner but since the pandemic, they tend to order in more. To order in every meal will be very expensive compare to home cook meal which is what people these days are trending for. They can make sure that the food is clean and healthy.

No.2 COVID Protective Equipment

Thermometers, Rubber Gloves, Masks, and Alcohol have sales increase up to 6,000% because these are consumable products and people do buy more than one piece. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, there are never enough supplies. Nowadays sales have gone down because the demand has also gone down.

No.1 Thai Herb

Thai herbal capsule by Abhaibhubejhr, especially Andrographis paniculata (aka Fah Ta Lai Jone) has grabbed people's attention because of its remedy. It can cure flu, fever, and sore throat. Although it isn’t a cure for COVID it is well known among Thais so the sales have increased up to 830%.

From the lists above, we can conclude that products that are increased in sales are those that are related to health, eating, and creating more comfort at home.

Top 11 Least Selling Product

No.11 Patent Related

Since these products are selling at a high prices when compared with non-patented products.

No.10 Hair Treatment Products

People tend to stay home more so they think it is unnecessary to do hair treatment and styling.

No.9 Fitness Equipment

Fitness is closed so people looking for equipment that helps them do exercise at home such as a Yoga mattress. 

No.8 Wedding Related Products

Since the ceremony is postponed indefinitely, those products are not needed during this time.

No.7 Kid’s Costume

Parents are only buying necessities because kids are at home and didn’t go out a lot.

No.6 Fashion Bags

People do not go out a lot so they don’t need a fashion bag plus it is long-lasting goods so they didn’t buy it that often. 

No.5 Party Supplies

Since most of the parties are canceled.

No.4 Photographic Equipment

People do not travel or go out. Therefore, there is no need to use this type of product.

No.3 Travel Luggage

This affects both Thai and International brands because all travels are at a halt.

No.2 Fashion Shoes

Such as high heel shoes. These products are very expensive.

No.1 Swimming Equipment

This used to be top-selling because people always buy new ones when they go to the beach or to swim or for a good photo. Since people can’t travel, demand drop drastically and some shop has to be closed.

5 Products that will continue to sell

Mr.Nithi has also mentioned that each product has a different life cycle. Not every product will perform well in every situation. In his personal opinion, he thinks that these 5 products are still in demand.

  1. Cooking Tools; will continue to grow since many people are more concerned about their health.
  2. Electronics; people are familiar with technology during work from home.
  3. Bedding; people have to work from home more and more.
  4. Bedding; people have to work from home more and more.
  5. Thai Herbs; from the pandemic, we can see that Thai herbs are well known, not just only Thais, but among Foreigners as well. If there is an international standard control, these products will be able to go further and the price is also accessible than foreign products. 

Increasing online sales

There are tips for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and online trading to be successful should consist of:

  1. Inventory Management; they are able to balance between opportunity cost and sunk cost since consumers’ demand can change very quickly. Adaptability is also crucial so that you can adjust your business accordingly.

  2. Good Data; from the pandemic, sales and forecast are not the same as before, we have to understand what is customers’ needs. If you have very good data, you can manage your product that meets demand so that you will not lose any opportunity. 

  3. Outsource; disseminate other jobs to outsource so that you can focus on taking care of customers or create a marketing campaign. 

  4. Loyalty; it is the cheapest way to increase sales because they trust our products and become repeat buyer so we don’t have to pay a lot on an advertisement. 

  5. Customers’ Desire; find out what people really need, how they have changed their lifestyle, how you could help them solve their problems. For example, costumes are not selling well because there are no parties to go to. Some entrepreneurs would dress up and given out masks, it gives joy to people who saw it. From this example, you could use it to increase sales.

  6. Understanding Sales Channel; when your store is on different platforms, it is a good starting point for the customer to recognize your brand. You have to create customer loyalty and expand your distribution channel. 

  7. Even if your product is already a top trend selling products, the market is a Red Ocean where many people also see this opportunity and start doing price war. In the end, nobody will survive from it. You can create repeat buying by put some creativity into it. For example, many people have started doing some printing on masks since it is part of our daily life. 

  8. Promotion; is always what customers are looking for. It makes them feel that the price is worth what they are paying for. Consumer’s products that have a long shelf life is a good product to do promotions.

Before parting, Mr. Nithi has encouraged SMEs and online sales that he has seen more than 100,000 products. Thai SMEs products are as good as any other nation in the world. But it needs to be developed and learn how customers’ demands are changing. If the product can't sell, don't be discouraged. Take a step back and review how to develop. If you understand customers’ needs, I am confident that Thai SMEs will definitely go further than this

Source : SCBTV Top 11 Best & Least Selling Products on SCB Thailand Facebook, May 11th 2020.