Know first getting rich first! Inviting Thai SME to be rich in the global market with

In the digital age, the whole world is linked by internet technology, transmitting sound color information to another hemisphere in the blink of an eye. Trade business is almost without borders. The opportunity to reach customers in foreign markets is not limited by the distance anymore. The business trend to watch is cross-border e-commerce or cross-border online sales via the Amazon Global Selling channel on the website. The great online market place allows entrepreneurs to sell products to reach consumers. Worldwide.

Few people will not know World-class eCommerce website. The proportion of sales of products sold on is over 60% of the SME business. Which has more than two hundred thousand entrepreneurs worldwide who can earn more than $ 100,000 per year (about 3 million baht) and one of them has sales of up to $ 1 million per year (about 30 million baht)? In the past year, this group of entrepreneurs grew by 20%. These numbers indicate that supports the full support of SME entrepreneurs as the core of's business.

Why should sell products through Amazon

  • Overseas markets such as The United States, with demand in the online market, is 20 times higher than Thailand. Amazon has the full potential to help SME entrepreneurs open the market for online products in America.

  • is the world's leading online market place Can reach more than 300 million customers from 185 countries around the world. Throughout the 25 years since its establishment, has developed various work systems. To facilitate the seller who is a partner.

  • Fulfillment system by Amazon (FBA) Logistics services,'s solution is the key to helping online retail both order management and shipping is easy and very fast. Just send the product to's warehouse in America when the order comes in. staff will pack and deliver to customers. Including taking care of customer services such as answering customer questions and changing or returning products.

  • Fulfillment system by Amazon (FBA) allows traders around the world to use to develop business. The special thing is that the customer base is the member of Prime Member of 100 million people who are customers who pay membership fees to get special privileges, except for shipping fees throughout the year. And is classified as a heavy buyer group that purchases on average every week and the amount of purchase per time is 2 times more than ordinary customers. Which these customers prefer to buy items delivered by (the back of the house is managed through the FBA system)

  • Selling products on, unlocking various restrictions on doing foreign markets in the same way. Such as the trade show booth in foreign countries, find a local dealer Which requires high time and cost. Only use the cost of goods, including transportation and advertising costs starting at tens of thousands. The products of Thai SMEs entrepreneurs can spread all over the world, reaching more than 300 million customers via Which is a way to open a market in a foreign country that is less expensive when compared to opening an international market with traditional methods?

Checklist before entering the USA market

  • Must choose the right product. Consider other products in addition to Thai identity products. Do not have to adhere to being Thai like the OTOP or Thai food, think international. But is a product that fits the American lifestyle, taste, like household goods made of wood which woodwork is the strength of Thai entrepreneurs. Which is not wood carving but is a product that has functions that can be used in general. Fashion products must be modified to suit the taste and preferences of the customer market group.

  • Explore the market, measure the potential of products. First, go to the website. Look at our product needs or our similar model, see the amount of purchase, reviews, a number of competitors, study the selling price and cost.

  • Study regulations in the destination country market. Products that require licenses such as selling consumer products in the US must have a USFDA license.

  • Calculate production costs combined with shipping costs to America and see whether it can compete in the market.

If pass the 3 items, it is likely to succeed in building a business on

Who's right to sell on

1) Reseller group who buys and sells by buying large lots at wholesale prices. And then sell to retail on Amazon. 

2) Brand-Owner / OEM Product manufacturer, the brand owner who want products to reach customers in the global market.

3) Private Label business people who see the opportunity what products are popular then order to produce a small lot to sell.

Overview of the Cross-Border E-Commerce process with Amazon Global Selling Thailand


o   Open an account with

o   Upload product information


o   Deliver goods to the Amazon warehouse in America


o   Promote shops and products


o   Receive money from selling products

All these steps Amazon Global Selling Thailand and its partners have various services. That is ready to help SME entrepreneurs succeed in selling online products in the American market. Such as DHL, transportation services, SCB, consult and bind wallets with Payoneer and transfer money in Thai baht into account. Which Amazon Global Selling Thailand will have an Account Manager team to help with various consultations, take care of every step of marketing, advertising, promotion, setting prices, monitoring competitors Is a guide that leads entrepreneurs to success?

Jumpstart program at Amazon in conjunction with SCB opens for SME entrepreneurs to see opportunities to expand into new countries and understand the Cross-Border E-Commerce process from beginning to end and have a team to help support all steps. SCB provides financial advice from transferring money, opening an account, making a bank statement to confirming identity, account binding with Payoneer's E-Wallet. And, the SCB Academy team that is a trainer providing more knowledge about other businesses Including using various tools to find products and analysis compared to competitors, etc. And in the future when sales grow, needing to increase production to meet market demand, SCB will help take care of credit for business expansion as well.

For those who are interested in good activities that SCB offers to SMEs entrepreneurs next time, can follow the activities of the bank via SCB SME Community from the Facebook Group and the SCB SME website at