SKOOTAR, the transformation of Thai messenger for Thai people

SKOOTAR, the transformation of Thai messenger for Thai people, "SKOOTAR", a Thai startup Online messenger calling service provider Through an application that was made for real Thai people. By finding solutions based on customer needs and the messenger network to meet each other while raising the bar for professional, quick, error-free service. As a result, SKOOTAR was able to successfully become one of the lineups of the Thai messenger app provider field among international players. M.L. Kamonpruet Chumpon (Khun Ko), CEO of SKOOTAR, will share the thinking method for business pioneer. As well as expanding new business opportunities. Especially when consumer behavior changes rapidly.

Get to know SKOOTAR raising the level of Thai messenger to be a pro

SKOOTAR Online Messenger Service Is a Thai startup founded by Scootar Beyond Co., Ltd. Developed in mid-2014 by developing websites and mobile applications linked to the messenger network across Bangkok and suburbs. Serve in Receive-send documents, keep checks, billing, or deliver other items within a day. The service can be called anytime and anywhere through the website and application with a standard price calculated based on actual distance. Along with having a system to track progress and evaluate employees' performance for service users to get the best driver only. Including accident and damage insurance. Convenient payments through multiple channels There is also a billing system for company customers and a receipt is issued every time you use the service. Interested in the service, see here SKOOTAR

Starting from Pain Point to the Thai messenger business.

The origin of Thai startups like SKOOTAR, Khun Ko said: Starting from Khun Ko and two partners saw the problem that many SMEs often had paperwork both receive - send documents, drop - receive bills, receive checks, send reports. Which, if you look at the surface, may think that it is a small thing, but for SMEs, it is a big deal. Because if the bill is not scheduled, it will result in late receipt of money or may have to wait for the next month's billing cycle. Maintaining cash flow for SMEs is important.

Most SMEs therefore must find a solution by having a regular messenger. To run the work so that it can reduce errors and understand the system without having to constantly teach new work. Including having to be trusted, can track the driver to where he is working and success or not. But it can be difficult to find a good messenger, and the skilled workers are so busy that when there is urgent document delivery, the queue may not be as desired, causing frequent headaches. While the Messenger career had problems with the consistency of the job. Some days a lot of customers Some days, little or no customers Causing unstable income or perhaps having to deliver documents far away, but on the way back, must drive with no job, making it not worth the job. From the problems of both the customer and the messenger, it is the origin of SKOOTAR.

Starting a business, not only have to find a solution to fix Pain Point but also need to focus on the right group. For SKOOTAR, try to find a way to penetrate the messenger market in Thailand. Where the main players are traditional messenger companies and the second is a group of foreign platforms. But for SKOOTAR, not at all afraid of the capital giant. Because he can see that the main customers focus on the SME business, which is the document delivery job That requires specific expertise and SKOOTAR can meet the needs of SME customers.

When the business started to emerge, SKOOTAR began to expand its customer base until now there are 4 main customer groups: The first group is the document-oriented SMEs, the second group is e-Commerce customers, the third group is food delivery and the fourth group is the general customers. Currently, the proportion of using the courier service is about 40%, parcel delivery 40%, and food delivery 20%. Because of the foundation and step by step to be confident, SKOOTAR has gradually grown steadily.

The SKOOTAR route is not sprinkled with rose petals

Of course, most start-up roads are faced with tough stories. Through the thorn, leaving a scar to remember. So is SKOOTAR. Khun Ko said that at the launch of the new 1 - 2 months, no customers at all. At that time, it was just a website, there was no application yet. Without customers, it fights with advertising and marketing trials. It appears that it works. Start to have a trial customer at that time, he hurriedly asked the customer feedback to see how the service was. Then be modified to respond to the needs of the customers quickly. The start might not be 100% perfect, but it's been fine. Gradually grow little by now, SKOOTAR has been serving for more than 5 years.

When asked if there are any tips for growing up Khun Ko recommends that Always must think that there is not much capital. Therefore, he must focus on the customer's problem, whether it is solved or not. Listen to the voice of the customer a lot and change quickly. Customer feedback or messenger feedback is like a flashlight that shines in the right direction or not. Should he go further or modify? Where to develop. For example, SKOOTAR has data collection, showing information that can be used to further business. Such as from the original only had motorcycles then added four-wheel vehicle service by working with a taxi cooperative to recruit car drivers. Because they saw some signs that there was a need or should expand the service to major cities in other provinces. The Messenger team takes care of them to have a good quality of life by renting out new motorcycles. Making life insurance, etc.

SKOOTAR Highlights

SKOOTAR's growth may not be as noticeable as other businesses. When asked what the point is of being able to stand in the middle of a messenger field where foreign giants have taken over the field. Khun Ko replied that because of the quality and service standards. Our messenger is special because before going out to work, training is required and must take the exam and score at 100% in order to perform the task. The application is designed to be easy to use for both the user and the messenger. There is a feature to meet the needs of SMEs who want to track their status and submit multiple jobs or document work that requires special expertise. This causes almost no or no errors in document delivery. There is also a favorite driver feature to encourage Messenger to focus on their responsibilities. Because if there are regular customers and will have consistent income. As for the customers, they are at ease, can be used easily, without having to worry because they understand each other or not have to communicate again. There is a service rating system to control the quality of the service, with a highly rated driver the more likely the system will show them to customers first. Causing drivers to constantly improve their services the current average score of SKOOTAR's Messenger team is 4.9 out of 5. It ensures that our customers will receive the best service from professionals. In addition, it offers a wide range of services including paperwork, parcel delivery, food delivery, and a professional messenger team of over 10,000 professionals available in Bangkok and its vicinity.

Top form messenger Generate an income of 40,000 baht per month

Career Messenger Many people may think that their income is not much more than 25,000 baht per month. But Khun Ko said that the revenue of the top-form messenger can generate income up to 40,000 baht per month. When asked if there are any techniques to make such high income Khun Ko said that from Data, it was found that the highly paid messenger comes from many factors, including Ride every day without a break, working hard for more than 8 hours/day, good service, quality, customer satisfaction until having a lot of regulars customers. Has a wide range of delivery skills, including paperwork, parcel delivery, food delivery because of work, but with different skills. In the end, not choosing a job, not being poor, and working hard can make a substantial income.

Such a good income like this, if interested in applying as a messenger, what are the qualifications? Khun Ko said that SKOOTAR is open to everyone, with or without experience.  Just have a motorcycle for running. Have an Android mobile phone, no history of serious cases, good manners, service-minded, can be a team of SKOOTAR, see more details

Growth trend of food delivery business

During COVID, the food delivery business flourished. Consumers turned to many food orderings services. SKOOTAR, as a Thai messenger service, is also encouraged by this event. Khun Koh said that It can be said that there is both a crisis and an opportunity. Such as the main customer groups SMEs who use the document delivery service Of course, that was greatly reduced as some companies shut down. Causing some companies to not have a job, such as a tour operator that previously had to go out to get the documents of the tour client When it was locked down, the business was disrupted. Businesses can balance their customer portfolios. Even the messenger who used to send the documents before, but in this situation must adjust and turn to food delivery instead.

Looking at the growth trends of Food Delivery, Khun Ko sees that there is an opportunity to continue to grow. Because the behavior of consumers has become accustomed to ordering food to eat at home. Businesses are beginning to have a gap, creating new players who have seen problems from this point, such as SCB that has launched Robinhood, a free food delivery app. No application fee, no GP fee (Gross Profit). The restaurant receives every baht, every penny, making it possible to sell food that is of the right quality and quantity. As for the customers pay for food and delivery fee according to the actual cost. This is beneficial to society, giving fairness to all parties and SKOOTAR has been given the opportunity to become a partner with SCB in food delivery with Robinhood. It can be considered a handshake that has been paired with Thai startups SKOOTAR and Robinhood, a Thai app for Thai people. Find out more about Robinhood here

How to create a successful startup?

The experience that started after being a Thai startup has been in business for more than 5 years. Mr. Ko shared that Startups are divided into 3 parts: Start: Start by listening to the whisper from customers about what the customer is having. Then they come up with products or services that solve the problem. If you create something that has never been done before, there are many opportunities for your business to grow. And use technology to help solve problems, lighten the burden on customers. Then choose a team that is suitable for your business type. And need to focus on customer groups because the funds are not thick, so must catch customers in the right spot Find customers. Stop: Reduce the fear of the capital thickening. But look for opportunities from business gaps. Continue: Don't get caught in the same success trap. When he started to live, he had to improve products and develop services all the time. And finally, having enough cash flow management to support the business Will allow startups to continue.

With the intention of raising the standard of Messenger's service through an application that is truly made for Thai people, “SKOOTAR”, a Thai start-up, has proven that there is no need for large capital. Just have a creative idea, fix the problem to the right point, analyze the target audience to find the right target. Opportunities for Thai startups to become unicorns are certainly within reach. Look back on Facebook SCB Thailand - here

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Source: SCB TV, START NEVER GIVE UP series: SKOOTAR, who transforms Thai Messenger for Thai people by ML Kamonphuet Chumpon