When the world changed , what skills does the organization need?

In the digital world where business organizations must adapt to the destruction of technology (Disruption), automation and robotics (Robotic) are coming. Causing new jobs and the old job is going to disappear in this extreme change. The same things that have been learned may no longer be used. Let's explore this change. And we will get answers to use as our weapons or prepare our children for the 21st century world.

Unable to survive though with thorough

Unable to survive though with thorough knowledge!

Where ever we go, we will always hear these words AI, Big Data, Robotic, Internet of Things etc. Shows that now the world of work has become fully digital. It is not surprising that people with knowledge in new science like Cloud Computing, AI, Analytical Reasoning, People Management and User Experience (UX Design) are top ranks that many organizations ready to offer salary and great compensation benefits to attract them to join the company. Which in this part we call this knowledge, skill as a hard skill? But the question is, is only the hard skill is enough? And the answer is “NO”. Proverb " Unable to survive though with thorough knowledge. "Also works in all ages. So, if you want to survive," Soft Skill "is your answer.

“What is Soft Skill?

Soft Skill or Thai language is called "Emotional skills". Has been widely discussed because it is a unique skill for humans that the computer, robots are difficult to imitate. The "Future of Job Report" report by the World Economic Forum concluded that human skills, such as initiative (Initiative) and Critical Thinking, add to the value of importance amidst the progress of automation technology, such as creativity (Creativity) that helps to create new innovations. Is considered a Soft Skill, which the business organization desires from employees.

Because modern work is not One Man Show

In a world where everything is more complicated the centralized work may not be a way to see a wide picture of all the work. Therefore, cross-functional models that allows all parties in the organization to coordinate and work together effectively is an important guideline for modern organizations. And things that help to work with people who have a different attitude and think differently smoothly are a persuasive skill (Persuasion), cooperation (Collaboration), ability to adapt (Adaptability) and time management (Time Management). All of this is the Soft Skill which is the level 10th key in working as a team, driving the organization to success. And recently, there are students in the U.S. suggesting that we should change the name from "soft skill" as "essential skill" because it truly plays an important role in modern work life.

The fourth world of the industrial revolution that we call the 4.0 era.
The arrival of AI, Automation and Robot brings new challenges. Create many new opportunities. At the same time affecting the disappearance of workers in the old form.
Which we can raise, create strengths for ourselves by armed with new skills used as a tool to survive and made us to be a bright star in the working world today and in the days ahead.