Spot the drinking habits of Myanmar people

When talking about the Thai drinks that are sold in Myanmar in the past, it was one of 15 banned goods that had been banned from importing Myanmar since 1999 (According to the Ministry of Commerce of the Union of Myanmar No. 9/99, 26 November 1999). This causes these products to be smuggled and sold illegally along the Myanmar border. Although it is a product that is very popular with Myanmar people. But after opening the country and removing the barriers to foreign trade Causing beverage products to be sold without limits. As a result, the import volume has grown to become the most popular product of Myanmar people. Over 80% of the beverages in Myanmar are popular to be imported from Thailand. Because they love the taste, price and quality are acceptable. It is an opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to penetrate the Myanmar market. So today we bring some drinks from Myanmar people to study.


One of Myanmar's economic crops is tea leaves. With terrain and climate of Myanmar resulting in a tea that has a mellow flavor, not bitter, and has a unique aroma. The popular tea among Myanmar people is hot tea. With cool air and frosty in winter drinking hot tea helps to warm the body. In addition, drinking water in Myanmar must be boiled first for good hygiene. Therefore, it is popular to add tea leaves to add flavor and aroma. Drinking tea is a way of life for Myanmar people. That does not require a tea ceremony or show a luxurious taste, but it is an activity that occurs each day from waking up until going to bed.

Myanmar's star-studded menu began to mix milk and sugar in tea. To add more mellow taste. But still like drinking hot tea Which has a unique aroma of Burmese tea leaves. When exploring the Myanmar market, we will see big and small tea houses along the road. The location of the best tea houses is under the shade of a large tree. Or along the road that people travel. The role of tea houses in Myanmar is like that of the Thai Coffee Council. Is a place to meet among people in the community and exchange conversations with each other.

As major cities such as Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw, international tea shops have opened, such as Thai hand tea, bubble tea brands such as KOI and Tiger Sugar from Taiwan, Tea. Land from Singapore is also popular among the middle class. Especially those who are just starting a new job (First Jobber) or in the group of students, the purchasing power is on the rise. From local people to see potential growth channels in the Myanmar market that are not less than any other country in this area.


If you say that “tea” is an ancient Myanmar culture that dates to the past and continues to the present. “Coffee” is a new culture that has recently become popular in Myanmar since the country's opening. But came in immediately and was hit at once Myanmar marks a new wave of coffee beans production in Southeast Asia. Due to the weather and the terrain, together with modern technology that helps in cultivation and roasted coffee beans. This led Myanmar to discover that the coffee beans produced in the country are of high quality. As a result, the Myanmar government is currently trying to push coffee beans to be one of the five major export crops of the country. And aims to export to all continents around the world. “The Asian Coffee Association” (The Asian Coffee Association) in Yunnan Province, China, guarantees that Myanmar's coffee tastes good. And the quality is second only to Indonesia.

The popularity of accessing coffee shops in Myanmar is a co-working space to sit and work. Or meet, talk, negotiate business. As for tourists, it is popular to use as a leisure seat according to the slow-life trend in the social world. Major economic cities such as Yangon are popular to open western coffee shops. For Thai entrepreneurs that have expanded their markets to Myanmar and are well known, including Black Canyon and True Coffee.

In addition, 3in1 coffee is still a favorite among Myanmar people. Formerly, Myanmar people prefer to drink tea. Is not popular to drink coffee because of the complex brewing process and as a drink for the sick. But nowadays, 3in1 coffee is produced domestically and many imported from abroad. Many Thai coffee brands are popular.

Energy drink

Although Myanmar currently has products that can be manufactured locally but still unable to produce products to meet the needs of the people in the country. Making imports are very important. Myanmar imports of non-alcoholic beverages From Thailand as number 1, worth about 3 billion baht. Especially the energy drinks from Thailand that are very popular. Because it is a delicious Drink and refresh Is a premium grade product It looks luxurious, reinforcing being a top-end product. Kim Eng Analysis The energy drink industry in Myanmar is on the rise. Since Myanmar has become a new wave. The country's economy is on an uptrend. This means that Myanmar people must work harder. Therefore, it is popular to drink energy drinks for freshness, animated, and increase energy. The demand for energy drink consumption in Myanmar thus increased in line with economic growth. This is a good time for Thai entrepreneurs to penetrate the local market in Myanmar.

Currently, the Thai energy drink brands entering the Myanmar market are Osotspa's M-150 and Shark brands, consuming 40% of the market share of the energy drinks imported from abroad, and followed by Red Bull and Carabao. Strategies for Thai investors to have joint ventures with local companies. And produce domestic products instead of importing them directly from Thailand to reduce production costs, tax incentives, and for flexibility in distributing products to the local

Sports drinks are also popular with Myanmar people. Young people living in big cities like Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw are becoming more concerned about health. Likes to play sports in various exercise locations. The trend of exercise has increased since Myanmar hosted the 27th SEA Games in 2013 onwards. Sports drinks are very popular. And many Thai beverage brands are also trusted by Myanmar people.

Alcoholic beverages

According to a survey by the Department of International Trade, it was found that the most popular drinkers were males aged 50 years and over. Income is still a factor in purchasing decisions. Myanmar people drink very little alcohol as it is a strict Buddhist country.

Popular drinks include locally brewed beer, Myanmar Beer, Dagon Beer, and ABC Beer. However, beer imported from abroad is still popular. And it has become Myanmar's premium products, including Carlsberg, Heineken, Kirin, Asahi, Tiger, and Singha and Chang beer, which consumes a relatively high market share of imported beer in Myanmar. Because it is imported beer, it is cheap compared to local beer.

In economic cities like Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw, beer is more popular than liquor. Because it is easy to drink and available for sale in the refrigerator You can pick it up from the refrigerator and drink it. As for the drinks that are sold, there are many brands from local brands to whiskey imported from abroad. In the countryside, refrigerators are still not a necessity. Ice is not widely consumed and is expensive. Therefore, the consumption of alcohol for socializing relieves the tiredness from work. Or talk with each other, Therefore, Myanmar people choose to drink their own brand of Myanmar liquor and it is a non-mixed drink.

Fruit juices and soft drinks

Today, Myanmar people care more about their health. Health care drinks are very popular. Various flavors of green tea Will be imported from Thailand It is very popular among the middle class. As for the 100% fruit juice beverage, it has recently entered the Myanmar market. Which is popular among the wealthy and foreigners living in Myanmar.

After the abolition of trade barriers, the big soft drink business re-invested in Myanmar with many strategies for fierce market competition. But still unable to discount the price as low as local brand soft drinks. Even imported soft drinks are of better quality. But with its expensive price, it becomes a premium product that is only available in luxury stores. And is often given as a gift and given to each other on special occasions.

At present, foreign soft drink brands are actively marketing. There is a joint venture with a domestic soft drink producer. And together with government agencies Organize many Myanmar people development projects to build brands. And try to make the product more accessible to Myanmar people as a general commodity like any other country.

The beverage market in Myanmar is still able to support economic growth. Due to the demand for this type of product, there is still a lot. Because Myanmar is becoming a foreign country to invest in. Resulting in more employment Myanmar people have more purchasing power and like Thai products, It is a good opportunity for Thai investors to invest in Myanmar.

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