Lao PDR perfectly releases "Land Lock" to "Land Link"

Laos PDR is growing in all areas with leaps and bounds with factors from the rate of GDP growth that has graphed continuously. Natural resources that are abundant and the important thing is Encouragement from governments that formulate strategies to upgrade the country's potential. Bring people out of poverty. And develop the country out of being a developing country in 2020. By relying on the development of an infrastructure system in order to be a trade gate "Land Link" that can connect the market to many countries such as China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand. That means great commercial opportunities in the future of the Lao PDR, especially the construction of the China-Laos high-speed train project.

China High-Speed ​​Electric Railway Project - Laos PDR Has linked from Kunming to Vientiane. And will connect to Thailand at the 1st Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge via Nong Khai-Korat Province pass to Malaysia and the destination is Singapore. The purpose of this project in order to link the Asian, European, and North African economies together. Which is called "The Silk Road Economic Project" or "One Economic Zone One path "(One belt, One road - OBOR). Which teased the "Silk Road" in the past. At Marco Polo, Italian merchants and explorers traveled to China to buy silk to sell to aristocratic groups in Europe until the Silk Road became Important trade routes between Asia and Europe

"The Silk Road of the 21st Century" covers 65 countries in 6 regions, namely East Asia. Southeast Asia Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Europe. Divided into the land (One belt) and sea (One Road). The route that has the most relationship and affects Thailand is the Kunming - Vientiane route. Which has a length of about 400 kilometers. It is part of the railroad that connects the region, also known as the "Kunming-Singapore" railway, with a total distance of about 3,000 kilometers.

The aim of Laos PDR with the construction of this railway for the economy to grow in leaps and bounds with about 400 kilometers, it is surrounded by important economic sources as follows

1. Special Economic Zone in Bo Tern, Bo Han Luang Namtha Subdistrict:
Which is a distribution center and the famous entertainment business district of Laos and close to Xishuangbanna civilization which is currently gaining popularity with foreign tourists

2. Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, Bo Kaeo Province:
There is a project "Nakorn Nakorn" as a comprehensive business center. Located at the foot of the 4th Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge and in this economic area, it is a distribution center and an important entertainment business center.

3. Special Economic Zone in Vientiane Capital:
There are 3 places, such as Chai Chettha Special Economic Zone, Bueng That Luang Special Economic Zone (near the station High-speed train), Vita Park Special Economic Zone

It is a golden opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs in all regions to plan investment in Laos. For the manufacturing sector Will expand the production base to Laos, which has cheap labor costs. The trade sector can distribute Thai products to Laos PDR easier and faster. And importantly, Laos PDR will easily become a gateway to trade powers like China. Can shorten the time taken to transport goods by land to China. Lao people will be employed and have more income. Laos PDR will be an important economic center of Southeast Asia. Formerly landlocked and mountainous, causing difficult transportation. Despite its borders with China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand. The China-Laos High-Speed ​​Rail Project will change Laos from "Land Lock to Land Link", which can connect the CLMV tightly with the speed train.

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