Laos-China Metro to build Laos PDR, an important strategic point connecting ASEAN with China

It is well known that the Laos-China Railway. It is a railway route connecting Laos PDR and China for internal routes. Laos PDR is a railway line project since 2009 and was completed at the end of 2021. The internal route in China starts from Kunming and ends at Mauhan or the city of Bohan, located in southern China and connected to the shore Laos PDR at Boten. The train running on this route is a bullet train with average speed of 160 km/h. which can run on a flat road at a maximum speed of 210 km / h and running on the hill at a speed of 160 km / h. There are 2 convoys together, namely "Lan Xang" parade, which means a lot to Laos PDR because it is the name of the kingdom that used to be the great capital of PDR. Laos in the past and another train named "Kaen Lao" for the color of the train consists of red, white and blue, which is the national flag of Laos PDR. It is the pride of the Lao people.


On December 2nd, the National Day of Lao PDR, the official launch of the electric train in Laos PDR which in the beginning due to the situation of COVID-19 still not trustworthy. Therefore, the service is only available for passengers traveling within the country and transport only. When the situation becomes better, it will serve international passengers.

As for the Lao side, there are a total of 11 stations, of which 10 are bus terminals, namely Vientiane, Phon Hong, Vang Vieng, Kasi, Luang Prabang, Muang Nga, Mueang Sai, Na Mo, Na Toey and Boten, and Vientiane Tai Station, used as a freight station. Regarding the service fee for the distance from Vientiane Station to Boten Station, a first-class ticket costs 529,000 Kip, or about 1,510 baht, a second-class carriage costs 333,000 Kip, or about 950 baht, and an ordinary high-speed train costs 238,000 kip, or about 680 baht (referring to the exchange rate of 350 kip: 1 baht).

Laos-China Railway Line create high expectations for Laos PDR. The goal is to become the region's future land transport hub which can weld China which has Kunming, the world's second largest fruit and flower sales center, and Southeast Asian countries together. Although Laos PDR is landlocked, it will help shorten the time and cost of international travel with new land transport routes. Laos PDR is also blessed with beautiful nature and culture. Along the way, it is beautiful for travelers to keep impressive memories. It has become one of the major tourist centers of the region.

Laos-China electric train route will transform the journey of Laos PDR to become the transport hub of ASEAN. It's something that Lao people are watching for a great change in the country.

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