Find the right customers with Google Ads.

Today, no matter what people do or what they want, many people have Google as a search assistant. And if you want customers to see our ads, Google offers Google Ads as a tool to help entrepreneurs present products that meet the needs of consumers who are searching for information. Kkhun Sumet Suwannaphuphon, Business Consultant Google, shared with the participants of the ITP4 Digital Exporter free tools and basic knowledge of buying Google Ads as follows:


Google free tools to help businesspeople.

  • Market Finder
    Market insight tools in different countries Help entrepreneurs understand the needs of consumers. and able to look for new markets. Google will share product information that different countries want. It also helps to identify the market in which countries our business should enter the market. And it also translates more than 190 languages. The method is to enter the URL of our business website in the Market Finder which will analyze our website data. Then analyze whether the country is interested in our products or not. Help visualize the initial demand for the product. It also analyzes search data through Google tools such as Google Trends, Google Search, Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Search. finder
  • Google Trends Help catch trends in the online world. by analyzing from keyword search You can search for global trends, country trends, provincial trends. including looking at daily trends retro trend Continuous trends or compare our business popularity with competitors in different countries

  • Google Topics is a search for a specific topic.
  • Google Trends Can bookmark to come back to see more data in the future, including Export Data service can be used to analyze the data further


  • Google Alerts News notification service provided by e-mail. Either in the form of news, blogs, websites, or videos. You can specify topics, keywords, or news of interest, such as specifying the name of a competitor, if there is news, it will be notified immediately. Including being able to specify the frequency of transmission as well

  • Think with Google A quarterly analytics resource from the Google team that analyzes data and consumer behavior in key countries such as the US, UK, Russia, etc. and have interesting articles

Google Search

Khun Sumet told Insight about the use of Google Search by entrepreneurs in Thailand that Somewhat less exploited than other countries. While entrepreneurs in China, even if they don't have Google Search, instead choose Google Search as a tool to do B2B business when exporting products to sell abroad. There are lessons from using Google Search that he wants to share as follows.

·        Be There = If doing business abroad, you must know your customers. Know what customers are searching for.

·        Be Relevant = Must know how our products meet or solve problems for customers

·        Measure = Know how to measure results and know what data needs to be collected. to analyze and grow the business

·         Buying a keyword search must return to our website to see if the content is consistent with the customer's needs or problems or not.


How to buy Google Search effectively

·        Add a lot of keywords because it will cover the customer's search.

·        Adding a lot of keywords doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. Because you will only pay money when someone clicks on the Ad. If nobody clicks, you won't lose money.

·        When customers search and see us. The content of the website must be consistent with the keywords found in the search results.

·        Use Keyword Planner to see which keywords have the highest number of searches each month. to know how much you need to purchase, etc.

Keyword buying techniques

·         Buy Under the Marketing Funnel from Awareness > Consideration > Action Start with a customer problem or need > Dig into related products > Dig into brand names and product details. using keywords from broad to narrow

        Buy specific brand names and generic keywords

How does Google determine Ad Rank?

1.        Adding amount of money from Bid

2.        Quality Score adjustments: 1. Landing pages related to the purchased keywords; 2. Making Text Ads consistent with the products being sold; and 3. Using relevant keywords.

Ad Rank calculation formula

       Ad Rank = Max Bid x Quality Score + Expect Impact Ad Extensions

How to create a website for Google to find

·        Which country will you sell your products? Must have a local language website

·        Text Ads must be made in accordance with the keywords on the website as much as possible.

·        The website must be fast, check at

·        Mobile Friendly

·        Corporate Website and Sale Website should be separate.

Buying ads on Google is another way to reach potential customers around the world. Google Ad is a marketing tool that increases the opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer products and services to customers effectively. Help build a brand known. and make the business grow sustainably


Source : ITP4 Digital Exporter 4 seminar by Khun Sumet Suwanphusaporn, Business Consultant Google on June 7, 2022 at the Siam Commercial Bank Headquarters.