Turning B2B Businesses with Alibaba.com

Nowadays, B2B businesses can enter the global market through E-Commerce with low cost. Help reduce the cost of meeting partners. exhibition communication and reducing the hassle of documenting Therefore, the size of the company is no longer a barrier to entering the competition in the global market without borders. Nattapon Sutheeraphap, an expert from Feyverly, Alibaba.com's Global Partner, shared information and usage on Alibaba.com. To expand the business for the participants of the SCB IEP project, version 17 B2B: Digital Commerce to help entrepreneurs expand their export business to the global market professionally


Retracing the pain points of B2B businesspeople

Khun Nattapon said that in the past, doing B2B business, sending products abroad would be done offline, such as going to exhibition booths, flying to find a partner. But nowadays it can be traded easily. on an ecommerce platform that connects buyers and sellers in every corner of the world without intermediaries. Furthermore, according to data, more than 80% of Cross Border businesses are important B2B businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Orders on ecommerce platforms less than 10,000 USD. Growing fast as shoppers move online. In the past, B2B doing export business faced many obstacles, including:

·        Business: There is a longer process to find a partner and it is costly to show off.

·        Trust: It takes a long time to build trust between buyers and sellers.

·        Trade: International trade is often a complicated and rigorous process.

·        Cost: Marketing costs are very high.

·        Data aspect: it is difficult to collect customer or prospective data. including looking at market trends

Get to know Alibaba.com, the global e-commerce platform

Alibaba.com was founded in 1999 as a B2B e-commerce, helping to sell products to shoppers around the world. Alibaba.com has more than 150 million registered users, more than 10 million Active Buyers (daily visitors) covering 190 countries around the world. Can-do Real-Time Chat in 16 languages ​​and has a daily volume of more than 300,000 orders. Most of the buyers are in the US. Europe and India In Southeast Asia, buyers are based in Vietnam and Malaysia. The top 5 best-selling products on Alibaba.com are 1. Consumer products. 2. Agricultural products 3. Auto parts 4. Food and drink 5. Office equipment and stationery

Highlights of Alibaba.com

·        It is like an online exhibition with millions of buyers around the world. Buy anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day.

·        Help businesses to grow their e-commerce even more. differentiate business from competitors and reach a large customer base all over the world

·        Help manage cost per target customers. Because Alibaba.com No commission on sales This allows businesses to effectively budget their cost per year for their target customers.

·        Access to global B2B buyers in one platform.

·        Send quotations directly to buyers through a request for quotation (RFQ) service.

·        There is a back-office system for GGS members (Global Gold Suppliers) and above that provides tools for businesses to access back-end Dashboard information, including management tools such as real-time translation, mobile app, keyword making. Planner, etc., as well as providing free training for the use of the system throughout the member's life.


Alibaba.com Examples of successful Thai businesses on Alibaba.com

·        Mama maker FMCG Company, when it opened a store on Alibaba.com, it made B2B contact more than 100 times/month for product inquiries and more than 50 contacts became new customers per month.

·        Green Wealth International, the manufacturer of Neo Hair Lotion, has B2B to inquire about products more than 1,500 times / month and has Lead Generation more than 1,000 people / month and there are more than 1,000 B2B people following this online store.

·        ThumbinThai Company, a manufacturer of T-shirts. After opening the online shop for 14 days, there is the first order. And during lockdown, there are more than 50% of orders and every week there will be reorders from Italy and France.

Alibaba.com membership types

GGS (Global Gold Suppliers)

·        There is a Verification Logo to increase the credibility of the business. and ranks first in the search

·        You can post an unlimited number of products. allowing shoppers to be able to find the storefront with a high Increase the visibility of buyers and increase the likelihood of contacting potential customers for more information.

·        There is a Premium Company Website (Mini-Site) for entrepreneurs to increase their credibility in the company, helping to build Branding and not being blocked by the Firewall from buyers from China.

·        Online store management will have a Sub-Account feature that can divide accounts up to 5 accounts so that people in the company can divide their duties in managing online stores more conveniently.

·        Real-time translation of up to 16 languages ​​with Alibaba's AI.

A 3rd.  Party Company has been given to help Verifies the online store. To create transparency and increase confidence for business partners

Verifies Suppliers·       

>Albahaca’s top-tier membership is a new service that has been launched in some countries such as China, Singapore, and Thailand.


·        There is a service to inspect the establishment or the manufacturer. by world-class organizations such as SGS, TUV Rheinland etc.

·        There is a Verifies Tag to help confirm the credibility of the business. In terms of products and services, research and development, quality control, and export capabilities, Verifies Tags will appear on search pages, product detail pages, mini-site homepages, and filter pages, providing competitive opportunities. more than normal members

·        There is a video of the inspection at the actual location. This increases the credibility of the company even more.

·        Company evaluation reports are available for download. increase the confidence of buyers

Examples of benefits such as

·        There is an Exclusive Pavilion on the Homepage where Verifies Suppliers members can offer products to increase visibility from buyers around the world.

·        There is an RFQ (Request for Quotation), a quotation can be sent directly to the buyer with a quote service.

·        Get the right to find the needs of customers quickly to present the product. without having to wait for customers to see before

·        Member support services include using various tools, accessing Alibaba's online activities, monthly one-to-one consultations with members, training courses for members, etc


Thinking of starting a B2B business on Alibaba.com is no longer a hassle. Because Thailand has Global Partners who are ready to give advice to business operators. to be able to get quickly and easily started with a world-class e-commerce platform as well as helping to make the best use of the platform. Start an Export Business Start at Alibaba.com

Source: SCB IEP 17 B2B Digital Commerce training by Khun Nuttapon Sutheeraphap, Feyverly Company, Global Partner of Alibaba.com, on June 2, 2022 at the Siam Commercial Bank Headquarters.