ETRAN Startup Model Answers to help the world build a sustainable society

Rather than being an automotive start-up, the electric motorcycle manufacturer ETRAN has the purpose of being more committed to the development of clean energy vehicles. To improve the quality of life. And inspires society to pay more attention to the environment with the idea that the main customer is our world that will pass on to the next generation

Read about the establishment of an electric motorcycle business By Khun Soranun Chuchat, CEO of ETRAN, who has a thinking method to answer the needs of real users. With the production process that is most environmentally friendly and how to cope with the crisis. Opportunity to think and develop new products and business to our world

The first hardware startup

The first hardware startup most familiar startups tend to be in application development. But ETRAN is the first hardware startup in Thailand. Khun Soranun Chuchat or Khun Earth, CEO of ETRAN, sees that in fact, it does not emphasize whether it is hardware or software. Ethan's focus is on solving the pain point problem of clean and environmentally friendly mobility. Because as we know Mobility is one of the main environmental problems. Which for 5 years ago it has been talking about electric vehicles that will be the solution to the problem. Create clean transport Good for our world by ETRAN see that the company's customers are our world.


Why ETRAN started with motorcycles taxis?

The beginning of ETRAN came five years ago. At that time, Khun Earth was working in an office near Thonglor. He took a motorcycle to a BTS. Along the way, he must travel amidst the smell of toxic smoke exhaust pipes. These terrible environments are the Pain Point for motorcyclists and passengers who must venture on the road every day. IMPORTANT, the motorbike is not designed to be pillion in public transportation but was invented for personal use. Therefore, when using public transport, it is not comfortable and accident-prone. This sparked the idea for Earth to build an electric motorcycle. Come to meet the needs of transportation that will help make our society and the world better.

Do research with the target audience

To answer this question Earth and his team have been exploring the needs of more than 400 win-motorbike drivers. Request ideas on product ideas and drawings which received positive feedback. And from the conclusion, what the target groups want are 1) Performance 2) Speed ​​3) Distance. The ETRAN team also invented the first prototype product, the ETRAN Prom electric moped (E stands for Electric and Earth). The first product launch was the SCB Digital Ventures Accelerator (DVA) platform. Which gained from this program is entrepreneurial skills to help fulfill business matters and the opportunity to meet other startups

ETRAN Objectives and Goals

For ETRAN, the concept of doing business is not just vehicle manufacturing. But is to change the way of traveling by public transport. Which is one of the indicators of the city's prosperity. It is both Opportunity, responsibility and sustainability. ETRAN wants to be a sustainable startup that gives importance to coexistence in a sustainable ecosystem. Through the product of electric motorcycles that are good for the world and persuade people to do things that make the world better.

In the competition, Khun Earth thinks that if there are big brands to compete is good because it will bring good things to the world more. In the beginning, he was afraid that there would be big brands to produce competitive products. In his opinion, ETRAN is not just making a motorcycle, but creating an ecosystem of eco-friendly mobility. Which is an opportunity for doing other related businesses such as hire, purchase loans, various facilities such as chart points, etc.

ETRAN's goals are 1) reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Equivalent to planting a hundred thousand trees. 2) Improving people's quality of life, remaining money, reducing fuel costs Because electric energy can be produced from Renewable Sources. It will help win drivers lower costs (fuel, hire-purchase), resulting in more savings and better quality of life. 3) Must be able to give back to society, can make the world better. Because having a Thai brand car is good for the economy and makes learning technology in the education sector, good quality people, a better society, and a sustainable environment. It is a balance in all aspects as ETRAN is a start-up that values ​​sustainability.

Use technology to save the world

On the use of technology to save the world Besides electric power That does not emit smoke, then ETRAN also pays attention to materials. Because before, using plastic that, when broken, must be discarded. Became a waste of the world. Therefore, we must think of new material and switch to Natural Fiber Plastic material made from cassava, which is our agricultural product. By using to make parts at the point of frequent collisions Which the cost did not increase. But what we get is Social Value, proud of being Thai. As ETRAN is a start-up, it has strengths: think and can do it fast. Unlike big vehicle companies that stick to the formula, original production model and don’t want to change.

From the first group of customers are investors Later, there are about 180,000 Win Motorbike drivers nationwide. Now a portion of over 6,000 people know ETRAN and are doing more in the market. The next target is the Heavy User Logistic group such as B2B, B2C transport. From the information that driving a motorcycle, every 100 kilometers emits 4 kilograms of carbon gas if this can be reduced. Thailand will be the world's first clean transportation country.

3 elements of the ETRAN business model

The ETRAN business model is divided into 3 parts: 1) Electric motorcycle production 2) Car rental leasing by using the Sharing Economy model: use then pay, not use not pay. This will help the driver to earn money from transportation. 3) Services such as maintenance of the battery charging point. Works with PTT as a partner in the area of ​​Swop Battery, etc. to build infrastructure to support the entire ecosystem.

Khun Earth talks about the price that the product was initially priced high at six digits. Because it is full of efficiency and high cost because of small production. Causing the leasing model where the team talked to the driver and found that the range of rent that they can pay is around 3,500-4,500 baht, including all costs. Which is the daily rental fee of approximately 100 baht per day. Use IoT technology for the drivers with a top-up solution. On any day that drives just fill up the money. When don’t drive, don't need to fill? In the purchase solution, the most expensive part of the motorcycle is the battery. At first, it was expensive because it was packed full of many batteries. Then adjust to only one battery and the rest is Pay Per Use. Such as swop the battery, etc., which is thought to be up-site down to find a solution in terms of price

Currently, there are business sectors, organizations interested in contacting ETRAN motorbikes to test. Which the working team learns with the customer. In addition to the original ETRAN Prom, there are also ETRAN MYRA compact cars and ETRAN KRAF Limited Edition models that are attractive to use.

Review yourself through the COVID-19 crisis

Being a startup based on uncertainty Counted as having to face challenging situations all the time. The mentality and morale of the staff had to contend with what they knew was not easy. As for ETRAN, COVID-19 It's a crisis in terms of investment. Because in the investor's corner, they must delay their investment to save themselves first, resulting in many missing many opportunities. In a way, Operation that would shake hands with many partners was stopped because the partners' operation was closed. In the travel business, things are bad, such as planes, ships, etc.

This situation prompted ETRAN to revisit the business plan, team structure, how it should work. And the position of the company That we have been trying to be something for 5 years. But we will not be able to use this effort for the next 5 years. In 5 years, we may be able to make a motorcycle, but what is a new mindset for the next 5 years? The answer is ETRAN is not a car company, not Mobility, but the vehicle brand that benefits the world the most. We don't need to sell a hundred billion vehicles like a big company. But selling in ten thousand vehicles that can make changes. Tens of thousands of cars in motorcycle taxi wins, tens of thousands of cars in agriculture but make a change This is the value of ETRAN.

Make a change to change the world

As a start-up, ETRAN can do things big companies can't with regard to risks. Over the next five years, the company will focus on R&D and innovation of new products, for the most benefit of users. It is a vehicle used in agriculture. From the study, it was found that the farmers had the same cost problem as the win-motorcycle group. Which ETRAN will use knowledge of electric engines Combined with our partner Bosch motor technology, we replace old machines to help farmers with low production costs. To be able to save costs 1,000-5,000 baht per month. ETRAN will answer the problem of money for farmers to save costs, more money to save, and environmental matters leading to social issues, employment, human potential Including gender equality. It is a startup that demonstrates sustainability in any context. This is not just a matter of products only It is a Social Movement. It is a big first step for ETRAN that there will be no line in the world to do anything else.

ETRAN's drive

Asked about ETRAN's drive, Khun Earth confidently replied that if we stop, no one will do it. And we must stay on earth in this environment. This is all Mindset Beyond Yourself. Is what I am doing useful? If it is useful, do not quit. Because someone is waiting for us. And most importantly, Khun Earth wants ETRAN to be inspired. Is a model of Thai people's new generation of Thai to be proud of the talents of Thai people, the way we feel about Elon Musk. I want to be a part of driving the new generation to use the youth power to create new things.


Ideas for startups

As a start-up with already has resulted, Khun Earth mentioned 3 ideas for new startups: Start, start life as quickly as possible Don't wait to try something. Start as soon as possible. Stop quitting things that did not work as quickly as possible. Do not continue. And Continue to restart yourself to get out of the Comfort Zone, do not wait for the crisis, do not wait for the opportunity, can be done every day.

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