How to use data analytics as a business settler?

What weapon do businesses have today? It's not just about heavy capital or elite personnel. But in this age who has access to the most informative and "Able to manage information" that is overwhelming in a timely manner Can be a good tool to carry on the corporate strategy Must lift a finger that is really cool. Even a small organization with no heavy capital and not famous, attracting elite personnel All you need is to know Data Analytics, it can take your business alongside the leading organizations.

1. Because information is an important asset

Data or Big Data that is overflowing. Causing all departments to manage, collect, sort as well to be ready to use these data to be processed, analyzed, linked to important events or management (Data Analytics) to transform all data into a database. Through the process of filtering out information that is ready to use, not messy, complicated, but creating the benefits for the organization

2. Data Analytics, a business tool that must not be overlooked

It can bring past, present, or future predictions That picks up information from every moment. It can be analyzed in accordance with the current marketing plan from many perspectives and methods. Pick it up until you get the strategy that best suits your customers. If you can do this successfully It would be better than drawing up a plan without the information on hand to support, it. Which is no different from finding a needle in a peninsula or a sailing without a goal

3. Investigate more online world Making the analysis not distorted

The statistics make it clear that online activity is increasing every year. Understanding that information requires a correlation analysis. To compare and contribute to the improvement of the marketing process or better keep the buyer's experience. And it leads to better productivity than using experience or intuition, which is important to help predict needs. Or create market opportunities in the future as well from the use of these analyzed data.


4. Accurate measurement Eliminate unnecessary information

By using Data Analytics to measure results better, it helps to scan or filter out what important data is worth collecting and continuing to use. Anyone that is not needed can be taken out. Making it carefully selected, but the information is useful Don't waste time messing up as before.

5. Good for small businesses

Because the data can be analyzed to solve business problems in a precise and timely manner Link to the management of various departments as well. More importantly, it can help measure business and brand results, define communication strategies, and market to the target audience. Including further development of products and services that meet market demand. It is called a tool that can make your miniature look loud as well.

6. Measure and use different data

Over the years, data analytics have been used extensively since selecting national data links like the US elections, this method is used to analyze voice bases and find real-time connections to electoral activities. Or use agency-level marketing levels or famous restaurant brands This gives sales and marketing departments an interesting piece of information. This is used to assess the future of the type of product that will be sold next. Or seeing needs for in-depth categories such as the different needs of each branch These leads are strategy adjustments leading to higher profitability. Until the agricultural sector Is used to analyze accurate weather forecasts (Microclimate Weather) and better crop planning data as well.

 "Information" is important but managing data is more important, so Data Analytics stands out as the answer to business management. Strategically align with the needs of today's customers.