Business negotiations to win Myanmar people’s hearts

Among foreign entrepreneurs, Thai entrepreneurs have an advantage in trading, investment in Myanmar. This comes from its location which borders Myanmar for a distance of 2,401 kilometers, reflecting the opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs to expand trade and investment in Myanmar. Here are some things you should know about doing business with Burmese people in order to make business negotiations go smoothly.

1. Dress

For Myanmar people, dress is one of the symbols of success at work. Dressing in brand-new, state-of-the-art and meticulous clothing. Men should be dressed in a white or plain colored shirt (not necessarily a suit and a tie, but the dress code should indicate taste), and women should wear ankle-length skirts or pants and a suit.

2. Greeting

The greeting culture of the Myanmar people does not fold hands. If the opposite sex will bow down slightly. Shake-hands should not be extended to be considered disrespectful. When meeting face-to-face, they should say “Mingalaba” which means Hello, but there may be some Burmese businessmen who are familiar with Thai culture. When meeting Thai people, they may be greeted with a Wai. For calling, the interlocutor is called with a prefix, followed by the full name of all parts for the female prefix "Daw" and the male "Oo".

3. Starting a Business Negotiation

For the first meeting, don't go into details. It should be a conversation introducing yourself and should talk to build the relationship. For the details of that business, those should be discussed in the next appointment. Face to face or telephone conversation is preferable because Myanmar people don't like to communicate with each other by email or fax. Negotiating business for Myanmar people may take time. and has a long process Each session should be gradual. maintain relationship It shows the honor of the interlocutor.

4. Business card

Language used on business cards should be in English and include name, position, educational background. Myanmar people value people who have completed a degree. In submitting-receiving business cards and other things should be done by the right hand facing up, then the left hand holds the support on the right elbow. After receiving the business card, read the details on the business card and can be placed on the table during the conversation but do not put anything on top because they are considered disrespectful.

5. Entering religious sites

Myanmar people are very fond of Buddhism. The temple is considered the heart of the people. They go to the temple for praying, paying respect to monks, making merit, meditating, studying the Dharma. To show respect for the place and to honor business interlocutors, you should study the rules for entering a religious place in its entirety.

To enter the temple, shoes and socks must be removed even though the weather is hot or it will rain and get wet. You should dress politely, wear pants, skirts or sarongs that cover the ankles and wear a sleeveless shirt and the neck is not too wide

6. Souvenir gifts

In contacting business negotiations should be punctual. And there are small gifts on hand, such as an encyclopedia book. or English magazines or cosmetics from abroad (for women) to impress If there is a close relationship May inquire in advance about the need for souvenirs when traveling back to Thailand

7. Dining together

The meal for business negotiations should be lunch or dinner. The business negotiation can be slightly done between meals. But dining etiquette should be given to the eldest to scoop the food first and those who are less senior will bring food for them.

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