5 misconceptions that make brands ignore TikTok

TikTok, the Chinese social media that has overtaken the curve in this era, has given some governments the idea of ​​banning it as a threat to national security. While some users view TikTok as just an entertainment platform that allows users to create funny dance clips or jokes. But in fact, if you do a deeper study, TikTok is a treasure waiting to be discovered by business people and marketers. If you've learned and understood correctly about this Chinese social media platform, today, let's look at five misconceptions that some brands are not interested in marketing through TikTok.


Number 1 TikTok is just an entertainment platform

Although TikTok was initially released in the social media arena, the world was mainly focused on entertaining users. But in fact, TikTok has a few tricks that can create a strong relationship between brands and customers, such as by creating challenges for customers to follow cover dance, music, products, or by engaging customers in branded campaigns. This is a way for customers or followers to interact with the brand. Without making the customer feel like being forced by the brand This is the first step in building a stronger relationship with our customers in the future.

Number 2 TikTok is a platform for young people

Of course, the early users that TikTok was targeting would be the Gen Z group, so many brands thought TikTok was a platform for kids. As a result, brands with a target audience such as Gen Y may immediately ignore TikTok, which in fact, its users today have expanded even more, not just in the Gen Z category. According to statistics, there is a significant increase in TikTok usage among Gen Y. If you look at the statistics of some countries, you can see that Gen Y is using TikTok more than Gen Z, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates. In Thailand, the main user group is still Gen Z, but above all, business people and marketers should not be overlooked. Because if other countries use Gen Y can grow Thailand has a chance to grow as well.

Number 3 TikTok, if there is a lot of followers and engagement will decrease

Social media marketers and branders are often familiar with traditional social platforms like Facebook, where if they have a high fan page count, their post visibility is reduced (Organic Reach) if they don't buy ads. Making many people think TikTok will be the same In fact, the opposite is true, because if you have a lot of followers, your views will be high, your engagement will also be high, making TikTok has a better performance rate compared to other social platforms.

Number 4: Must have a lot of followers

Another good thing that TikTok has over other social media is that with knowing algorithms, user insights will deliver content that matches their interests on the For You page. And according to statistics, 69% of users spend more time on For You pages than following Following pages. It shows that Followers do not influence the content access, such as when uploading new clips, the system will only be shown to certain users. By looking at the engagement history and then looking at how many people stop watching, liking, commenting, sharing, it will be processed to continue processing whether this clip should be shown to more people or not. That means If doing good content that satisfies the more chances that the system will show results to others. You don't have to have a lot of followers, just do your content well. The chances that the clip will become viral just overnight is high. Unlike Facebook or YouTube, which requires many fans or Subscribe to have more opportunities to see.

Article 5: Marketing on TikTok must only dance.

As many people view TikTok as the only entertainment platform, TikTok is trying to expand its user base. With the launch of the #TikTokUni hashtag to increase content creation in a useful and educational way to the TikTok community. Which includes examples of successful creators Without the need to make a funny dance clip in any way. For example, a 16-year-old teenager in New York has made over 100 math and math clips to reach more than 600,000 followers. While Thailand has begun to have users of #TikTokUni, producing a variety of useful short video clips, for example, Coach Bank Supakrit teaches professional sales techniques with over 6 hundred thousand likes. @kimpropertylive Teaching real estate techniques with over 100,000 likes @krujib_ebay Teaching Thai products to foreign countries with more than 1 hundred thousand likes @drteamty Health care team doctor has more than 2.9 million likes @jexep Jib Surasak Teaching trendy marketing with more than 2.2 million likes @kruhoneytv Teacher Honey teaches branding with over 8 hundred thousand likes. Therefore, you can see that the TikTok market in Thailand is beginning to have new creators that are more useful and have a variety of genres to choose from, such as cooking lessons, exercise languages, editing videos, cool app recommendations, How to guide your dream career. Such as flight attendants or even fortune tellers, etc. It is worth to see that #TikTokUni will be able to expand its user base to other target groups besides Gen Z in Thailand or not. Businesspeople and marketers must stay in touch. On top of all that, don't forget that TikTok is now a platform that allows users to be a User Generated Platform that has already surpassed other platforms.

With TikTok's hot buzz and efforts to make the platform more than just entertainment, it is something that businesses and marketers cannot overlook the platform. Because if you are complacent, the golden opportunity to sit in the minds of the younger generation may not be able to catch up.

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