Brand name devotees—don’t you overlook the second-hand market

Not only quality and design that one looks for owning “brand name products”, but carrying or wearing them also enhance confidence for social recognition.  Anyway as brand name items are not all affordably acquired, wisely looking for one of them is, therefore, a must especially amidst the fluctuating economy. 


As a buyer, one might feel a bit painful or shivering to sign a credit card for a good of over one hundred-thousand bath pricing.  So that, looking for a second-hand good of an angel-condition, or even unused for a lower price of 20%-50% is quite sensible.  Who know? You might get a perfect matter at the price of an imperfect one!

As a seller, the fast changing fashion world discourage you for not owning a new collection.  It is, therefore, very necessary to let go our used materials for the other’s new gathering.  The earning money would be then for buying new things. 

It’s also an excellent outlet for goods selling in the second-hand market.  Besides, you might get middle-man-commission for some sweets. 

Right now the second-hand markets in social media are spreadingly found, especially in facebook and Instagram.  Just type the term “second-hand-brand name”, then, the relevant shops or group will spreadingly pop up.  Buyers can be then choose any item at the price of one thousand-to one hundred thousand baht.  Anyway, remember that a middle man would only charge for service fees, without responsibility for buying or selling.  It is, then, up to negotiation between the buyer and the seller. 

Most importantly, be aware that criminals avail in all profession.  If you are a new player, trying to find a secured shop which can provide consultation and goods for seeing, so that, it would be of a certain lower risk.  

The second-hand brand name shops that win Thai favourite credibility at 10 points are in Japan.  They are of “a must visit program” in the Japan touring program.  Many of them are locating in cities of tourism and trading areas.  Several shops show more than 1 million pieces of brand name products yearly, including unused second-hand goods and poorly looked materials.  Prices are then depending on visible appearance, for instant, a bag of the hit brand which originally costs up to two hundred thousand baht might be bought at 60,000-100,000 baht.  In certain cases, the buyer who uses it with love and care and the complete set of accessory might be able to sell it at equal, or a bit higher pricing at the second-hand market in Thailand. 

Many of us may take brand name utilization as being luxurious and nonsense.  Good management, however, make it possible for several re-selling, i.e., if you’ve bought a brand name bag for 40,000 baht, then after a few years using you might be able to sell it for 30,000 baht… if it is still of the angel look.  

The conclusion is passion for brand name ownership must be by sufficient buying power with investment for the classic design.  Then, either for your personal wearing or for re-selling, any pain point wouldn’t be found.  For those who are still unaffordable, then be on sufficient acquiring.  Visualizing who you are is the luckiest insight!