Arrive at the Local, Must Eat Crab @ Baan Pu Pen

When talking about the sea, we must think of shrimps, mussels, fish, crabs…and of course, when coming to Khao Takiab, people must find the best of the local, "Baan Pu Pen", a restaurant that is like the paradise of crab lovers. This is because in addition to the freshness of the ingredients, the taste is equally important. With the meticulousness of "Khun Tha", a former leading hotel chef who has been familiar with crabs since childhood, therefore, the restaurant is able to guarantee the deliciousness of every dish that is served.

Recommended Menus at Baa Pu Pen

Sea Crab in Dipping Sauce with Egg and Vegetable

Sweet and salty, the dish is mellow to the point of wanting to lick the plate. The sea crabs come in a meaty texture, mixed in a simmer. The crabs appear in every spoon you dip. Eat this dish along with fresh vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, lentils, cucumbers and eggplant, it will gives you a memorable taste.

Sea Crab Sour Soup, with Egg and Pickled Bamboo Shoots

As soon as the dish is served, you can smell the sour chili to the point of asking for more rice. The crab is filled with meat to eat together with pickled bamboo shoot. The soup is rich in flavors. Moreover, although you bring the dish back home, the smell of this sour soup is still memorable and ready for you to eat again.

Fried Garlic Crayfish

A big, well-cooked fried crayfish, sprinkle with garlic and pepper, has a provocative fragrant even though the dish is not served yet. Moreover, after tasting, the taste of it delicious even without having to rely on sauce.

Sliced Sea Bass

A dish filled with herbs for health lovers and fish lovers. The crispy fried sea bass, sliced into small pieces, mixed with spicy salad sauce will make everyone enjoy the meal.


Opening Hours: Every day from 10.00 – 22.00

Tel. 032-899-130