7 methods to renovate your room

There are only a few floor plans for every condominium project. Most of the same floor areas often result in the same floor plans. Is it better to create your own room with your own unique style and not the same as someone else? These are 7 methods to change your own room.   

1. Change the wallpaper

Wallpapers can be a good option for your home and make you feel more unique than the others. You can choose any beautiful wallpaper from many furniture and decoration shops or from the marketplace application on your mobile phone. If the living room, kitchen and bedroom are separated from each other, you can decorate the different wallpaper color for each room to break out from your everyday boredom. 

2.Adjust the furniture for more space

Believe it or not, the simple thing as move your furniture will make your room different from the others. The new area that you have never been thinking of will be found because of moving some furniture. Some small spaces will be larger, or some large area will be more organized.

3. Create your own furniture or decoration

To create your personal style room, you need to find the unique furniture and decorative idea. To DIY something such as picture frame, rack, shelf, etc. and put them in the corner of the room will help to build your own identity and new feeling in your room. This could be your proud hobby which makes you smile anytime you look at them.


4. Cover the floor with a carpet or change its color

This is another thing that many people overlook. Decorating the floor will create your personal style and color and make your room super unique. Buying a large-sized and complementary colors carpet to create the strongest contrast for those two colors will change the environment. If you have time and money, you may change a whole floor to your own design.

5. Hanging shelf and dining table

For a long time that your shelves and things were put around your room. Let’s change to the hanging shelves which have a height begins from the floor to the ceiling with a unique decorating corner. Your room will also have more space and a new environment.

Moreover, for a single or a couple, hanging dining table next to the window is another way to build your inspiration while eating and enjoying the view. This also helps in increasing the area.   

6.Chandelier and ceiling decoration 

Changing the ceiling is another option to change your room. Most people do not know how to decorate it, but chandelier and lightning is an easier option. Choosing your own pattern and match with the room concept will make your room unique and different from the others.

7. Transparent furniture

If you feel that a normal chair or table make your room untidy then change you're them to be a transparent one. This will make you feel better, larger and exclusive for sure.

Room renovation is not that difficult, and some items can be periodically adjusted based on your free time and idea. These are just a few tips, so do not forget to share your idea with us!