6 Jobs provide services through the online world: Part 2

Strangers helping on taking to doctor

Quote “This career was occurred to patch the leak in society”

Must have skills: 1. Nursing knowledge 2. Tolerance 3. Service like a family member

Thailand is entering the full elderly society. According to statistics in 2017, the number of people aged 60 and over is up to 11 million. Or 1 in 5 of the total population. The problem is that the society that has only old people and when they get sick who will take care or who will take them to the hospital. The children are all busy and must work hard to survive.

'Taking people to the doctor Jobs occurred in the online world and quietly popular (a lot of demands).

What is taking people to the hospital job is?

Back 2 years ago, Khun Tongkorn Suksawatdi Na Ayuttaya,

professional nurses who have free time from maternity leave. She doesn’t want to just do nothing, so she was looking for a part time job. And with the growth of the online world that everyone can access like Facebook as a sale channel. So, she decided to open page name “รับจ้างพาไปหาหมอ ไปทำบุญ ไปเป็นเพื่อน by ทองกร” By brought the nursing skills with the knowledge of public relations that has taught the university. Mixed well to become a strength.

Most of the users are children who need help to bring their elderly parents to see the doctor at the hospital or clinic.
Including additional services like taking to other businesses or go to the temple.

"I used to have a woman from Chiang Mai who came alone for surgery in Bangkok. Hired me to be friends from the moment that she consulted with the doctor until. Took care after surgery. Because she has no relatives in Bangkok.

It seems like doing this job is easy. Just to see each other and then go to the doctor. But the real work is difficult and demanding high sensitivity.

Because to allow people who have never met before taking you to many places, especially with the elderly vigilant. So, strangers need to build trust.

In the early day that page just opened, Got the first job was taken several months. Some people contacted but when the date came the appointment was canceled because the client was not sure that it is real service or scam. I had to build trust with our customers in different ways. When I first meet or talk to a customer, I must show that I am sincere person. I show my identity card or my professional card to confirm that I am not a robber. I am really a nurse and I can take care of them.

In addition to confirm the identity, the important thing is to help customers trust faster. That is to express the sincerity through dialogue.

Start talk to the client and ask about the symptoms? Has he ever been treated? Asking for details with a generous mind and service mind "

This job is not easy even for professional nurses. Patients come in many forms. Some of them are stubborn and some are very rude to me.

We need to take care of them like we care for our parents. Sometimes the psychology is used in the conversation. To make them feel that we are like their children, their family.  We just like their relatives who take them to the doctor and spend all day together. 

Start from pick up from home then go to the hospital, get a queue, get the medicine, take to a restroom, go eat until sit in the examination room. We need to translate medical language that is difficult to be able to understand. Some patients hate the hospital and do not know what to do, do not dare to talk so we need to help them talking to the doctor.

Besides using the technology as a main channel for ​​public relations. Tongkorn is also used to enhance after-sales service. To talk to the customer not just a date, time, place for an appointment but also report the results of the hospital visit, how to take the pill and reminder the next appointment. Including discussion of the symptoms of each patient so that their children can use this information to take care of their parents later.

The strength of Tongkorn is recording all client’s information which is not different from the hospital staff. To be monitored patients and this way, it shows the attention. This cause the customers want to come back to use the service next time.

From word of mouth and the reviews on Facebook page. Currently, there are customer for this service nearly ten per week. So Tongkorn cannot do not this alone.  Now she has a team of 4-5 who are also have nursing degree. 

“This career was occurred to fill the society gap” Tongkorn thought.

One thing that Tongkorn wants to say is no one wants their parents to stay in the nursing home. Children want to take care of their parents themselves, but they don’t have time. Especially when it comes to doctor appointing. A 'mercenary to doctor' appointment, it is one of the assistants to tightening the relationship with the family.

"If you're not busy, just let us do it for you and everyone will be able to spend time together the same.

Anyways, every parent wants a child to be the caregiver most - Tongkorn confirmed.

The advantage of this profession is having a chance to getting out and be able to do time allocation and time management ourselves. The income is at the level that care for ourselves and the family comfortably.
For the income, Tongkorn divides into parts. One part she spends for the family. Another piece will be saved on a fixed deposit account. But if she has more time, she also wants to learn about mutual fund.

You will not get rich by doing this. As said, this service must be done with service mind. When taking care of the sick person, it’s hard. I need to dedicate both time and body and cannot make a mistake. Because they are like my relatives. "

Before game addicted, now game caster

Quote “We do not play games to play with games. But we play games to play with people.”

Must have skills: 1. Think fast 2. See fast 3. Speak clearly 4. Give good presentation

According to international tern, gam caster will act like a sports narrator and the people show you how to play game is called Let’s play.

" I like the game caster job because it’s education + entertainment. It's great if you play the game and then analyze it. When you can play it wisely. It is an activity that reinforces the idea. "

Khun Ko, the high energy game caster or Khun Prasit Kirtwatcharawit. This 29-year-old who has master’s degree from the UK.  In the industry, He is known as the game narrator with good analysis and fun. The information is packed because he started as a player before.

Started this because he liked it and just did it for fun. Until the big game company found his talent and contacted him to do this work seriously. But this turning point didn’t affect him that much.

"Similar to many athletes when getting older, they change to do sport narration instead. This feel more comfortable because you don’t have to be stress with the result that you will win or not.

What game caster do?

It’s not just talking in front of the screen, but the caster must be a host. They must explain the rules and score system and tide in the product sponsor smoothly.

The key is to be precise and know what the game is about. Learn the techniques to be able to tell and explain to the viewer to understand why this player decided to move the game like this.

"The caster must find the answer, why are players choosing this item instead of using that item? "

To find the answer, you must do a lot of homework. Must study to have enough knowledge to understand the reasons. Then communicate to the audience by provide both knowledge and entertainment together.

When looking at the game in the screen and no one tell you why this racer is good at it. It is the same as watching the boxing. Even you satisfy but it’s not the most. But when we get more information, it makes the sport game alive and more fun.

In addition, the narrator must study the story of each team in the race. For example, how they got to the industry, how many championships they got, has the player been changed, what is the playing style of each person? This information will help 'crush' the audience to enjoy.

"Like watching football. We do not even cheer only one athletes who are kicking the ball, but we cheer the whole team. Cheers! A real person is a trap that will make people feel compassion and want to follow it. "

Must have skills for caster are; think fast, see fast, speak clearly and good at presenting.

If you speak clearly, have a good communication skill, see thing and understand it fast and then change your thought to the words. You will be a good caster.

Although, do a lot of homework behind the scene of the caster career is a hard work, this cannot have applied with Khun Ko. Who are not agree with the older people who try to change and improve the image of game addicted.

 “If you addict just admit that you addict. But thing that you should do is show that the game world is more than that. The problem that the society has seen is true but not all. It’s depend on the player that will be able to control himself or not. There are so many activities that we may spend too much time on them and game may be just one of those.”

What the caster should do is providing the information in a good way. Make people who are interested in the game enter to this world with a creative mind.

According to Khnu Ko thought, all games are designed to practice time management. Things to get back after gaming are risk management systems, time control and prioritize. All these can be used in everyday life.

In addition, the game also provides what is called. Society and friendship

"From before just played game alone but when the society emerged it comes to socializing, make new friends. This emphasize more that we do not play games to play with the game. But we play games to play with people. "

Khun Ko admitted that in the rising period lie this, this job generates a lot of money. Moreover, his long profile in this industry is helping him to draw his abilities and experiences to extend the business like have his YouTube channel.

Mutual fund is the best way for busy person lie Khun Ko. To do the stocks is not match with his busy schedule at all.

I choose to take care my money with the mutual fund because I think it’s save.

Online messenger – deliver everything f

Quote “To do this career we get the happiness from the side ways.”

Must have skills: 1. Patient 2. Polite 3. diligent 4. Careful 5. Be able Control yourself

If you are hungry, but too lazy to drive out to eat because of the traffic. Or want to send important documents by ensuring that it is safe but don’t want to do it yourself please think of “online messenger”. Because they will be your assistant to make your life more convenient.

Khun Kanapol Sawasdee, 32-year-old, former employee with 20 K salary, has converted himself to do this job for 8-9 months. Even the income is not much more than before, he is happier than working in the office that he did for 7 years.

After resigned from fulltime job, he used to open his own coffee shop, but it didn’t work. In that time, he saw hiring advertisement on Facebook. Although, he never heard about this job before, but he decided to apply. He just wanted a part time job in that time.

But after he has done the job seriously, he felt more fun. Because just one trip, he can make money right away. Different from when he worked in the office where he always thought when he can go back home. And had so many small problems in the office as well. But when he does this job, he becomes his own boss.

 “I feel tried sometime with the long drive, but I feel comfortable. I don’t have to listen to my boss complain or worry about co-worker. I can eat whenever I want, and I can rest whenever I need, buy a drink and rest at the gas station.”

2 pm. When I was an employee and 2 pm. Now are so different. I still feel more energetic and want to drive more. I don’t feel that I want to go home at 2 pm. Any more. And one important thing is

 “Do this job I have a happiness from along the way.”

When I lost in the street, I always ask for direction form motorcycle taxi. Because I know that these people are easy to talk, and they are willing to help. 

It seems to have a lot of freedom doing this job, but you also must risk your life.

 “From the wheels roll, we start putting our life on the risk”

To be on the motorcycle for a long period that it is almost part of your body, accident is the thing that you think first.

All that do this job must be highly conscious about safety. We need an insurance and concentrate when driving always.

Besides the safety driving, Kanapol concerns more about the politeness. Don’t angry with client and must be patient. Even must drive in the hot sunny day.

Other important thing is you must follow the technology trends. Because this job the mobile phone is a tool from start to the end. This day more people want to do this job, so it is more competition. That why we must alert and catching with technology.

When customer is requesting the service, the signal is being sent to all staff who are within 1.7 kilometers. If there is no request in that area, we must drive to the area that has a job and don’t stop “

Cannot deny that this job makes pretty good and quick money. But it’s depend on the diligence of each person.

"If there is no discipline, it ends. No one is the boss who forces us to work.

Kanapol starts working at 9 am. and go back home at 8 pm. He has a goal to make money at least 1,300 per day. And after deduct cost of food and gasoline, he will have around 1,000 baht. When you get income in cash, if you don’t save and use it to grow your money, the money can be gone.