What you need to know before the new semester. 5 ways to save parents money #SaveParents

From the economic forecast and business center of The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, more than all half of parents do not have enough money for new semester spending! Some have to pawn their valuable items. Some have to be in debt whether informal and formal to get money.

If you do not want to be those "In-debt parents", we have the #SaveParents method to save some money for you and your children's future.


1. Stop buying those “Still-Be-Able-To-

In each semester, there are many items that you do not need to buy a new one for your child such as stationery, uniforms, socks, shoes, belt, bag, notebooks. It is better to continue using them in case they are in good shape.

2. Build a saving habit to your child

The person who plays the most important role to keep things in a good shape is your child. If he/she knows how to preserve things and save money from their pocket money for their future. You can start with their daily saving as 20 Baht per day or doing some work to get money and keep that money in the bank under their names. You can explain them and the value of saving money to help them understand more and help you reduce buying the unnecessary items. 

3.  Share learning equipment and tools with the relatives.

You may have relatives or friends with a child at the same age as your kids. So, sharing “Not using anymore but still in good shape” things is an option. You can tell your kids that “You can be cool” or “fabulous” as the previous owner. This is another option to help your #SaveParents from this intense cost.


4. Encourage your kid to get the schola

There are many educational scholarships from government, schools, and private organizations in either good grade, sport, or activity grants. It is better to encourage your kids to get a scholarship from any supporter. Apart from reducing your burden, you can play the part to develop your kid to be on a good path. 

5.  Keep updating the ledger 

There are many “unexpected” costs that you cannot imagine such as the school maintenance fee which the ledger will play the best part to notice you. So, you can plan your income and payment to know your savings plan and how to reduce some unnecessary costs. 

The great life of your kid starts from a good parent planner. Do not forget to plan your income since the beginning to save your own cost and your beloved child's future!