April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.


สั่งอาหารสุดคุ้ม ด้วยบัตรเดบิต LET’S SCB

Robinhood x SCB Debit Mastercard
Get discount 50 baht when order food & beverage from Robinhood with a minimum of 2 orders/month

Promotion terms and conditions

  1. The promotion is for any SCB Debit Mastercard holders (for active card user only) , get discount 50 baht when order food & beverage from Robinhood with a minimum of 2 orders/month (no minimum spending) and pay with SCB Debit Mastercard.
  2. This promotion valid from Mar 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022.
  3. This discount limited to 50 baht/cardholder/month (Limited to 2,500 rights/month or up to 32,500 rights for entire promotion period)
  4. The discount code will be sent via SMS within 45 days from the eligible transaction month to a phone number that card holder registered with Robinhood Application.
  5. The cardholder can use discount code for ordering food and beverage from Robinhood application with the minimum order of 100 baht/sales slip and must pay with SCB Debit Mastercard. The transaction using discount code will be counted as one of transaction condition in this promotion.
  6. The discount code will be expired within 60 days after SMS available date.
  7. This discount code cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion by Robinhood.
  8. SCB and Robinhood reserve the right to disclaim any damage to customers in the following cases:
    • Failure to receive a discount code as a result of a customer’s mobile phone errors.
    • In the event that a redeemed discount code is not used within the given period, it is deemed that the customer forfeits his/her right and the right cannot be returned.
  9. SCB is not involved in the products/services and not liable for any damage, loss, delay, and/or incident related to such products/services.
  10. SCB and Robinhood have the right to amend conditions, terms, requirements, periods, and benefits, and may cancel this promotion with notification 7 days in advance of taking action, unless there is a need whereby such advance notification is impossible. In case of any dispute, SCB and Robinhood ‘s judgment is deemed final.
  11. For any inquiry about discount code, please contact Robinhood Call Center Tel. 02-777-7564
  12. For more information, call the SCB Call Center at 02-7777777.