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The customer can remit to overseas via MoneyGram system without a need to have an account with the bank. The recipient can get cash instantly at agent network of MoneyGram—over 84,000 locations in 170 countries across the world.
Service Fee

Service Fee

Depend on the amount and destination country for remittance

Service Conditions:

  • Contact SCB branch and show identity document, i.e., ID card
  • Fill out ‘Outward Remittance Form’
  • Get the receipt and 8-digit reference number (the customer must keep as evidence)
  • Contact the fund recipient and inform him of the reference number. Then the recipient can contact the service counter that has MoneyGram symbol for taking fund.
  • Each sender is limited to remit not over USD 10,000 or equivalent each time

Service Fee

Transfer Limit Service Fees
<=10,000 50 baht
10,001-20,000 60 baht
20,001-30,000 70 baht
30,001-40,000 80 baht
40,001-50,000 90 baht
50,001-65,000 100 baht
65,001-80,000 110 baht
80,001-100,000 120 baht

Required Documents to Take Fund

  • Fill out Inward Remittance Form
  • For Thai, show ID card
  • For foreigner, show passport or identity document issued by government agency
  • Reference number or inward remittance code (8 digits)
  • Amount of inward fund

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