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It's easy to apply for the SCB Speedy Cash Card. You don't need collateral or a guarantor. You don't even need an SCB bank account. Use your card to get fast cash from any ATM nationwide, with no withdrawal fee. No interest is charged unless you withdraw cash. The SCB Speedy Cash Card means you can always get cash quickly to handle any sudden need or emergency.
Easy application

Easy application

We won't keep you waiting. Fulfill your wishes with a simple and convenient application process. Once your credit line is approved, SCB will transfer the money to the bank account of your choice.
Flexible installment plan

Flexible installment plan

You don't need to worry about the repayment plan because we will help you design the terms and conditions. Choose a loan agreement period and installment amount that truly fits your financial profile.

Document Required

Identity Verification

Only a copy of your ID card is required. If a copy of a state officer or state enterprise officer ID card with the ID number and photo on the card is provided, please provide a copy of your house registration document.

Income Document

  • Pay slip for current month or salary certificate and three-month bank statement (for full-time employee)


  • Copy of partnership registration issued by Ministry of Commerce and copy of six-month bank statement (for business owner)

Savings Account

Copy of first page of passbook of savings account that will be used to receive funds from SCB Speedy Cash.

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