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       Siam Commercial Bank (PCL) and the Mall Department Stores Group has jointly launched SCB M Speedy Cash loan card as the privilege for cardholders, shoppers, especially those of the Mall. SCB M Speedy Cash is the integration of Speedy Cash and M Card for the Mall membership to facilitate easy payment for all businesses of the Mall Group and other shops of the Bank’s program. Customers shall gain both M point rewards of M Card privileges and accumulated points as special discounts provided by the Mall Group.

        Apply easily without asset or personal guarantees. Cash is available at all ATMs nationwide without any fee. No interests if it’s not withdrawal from the cash account to secure you at all emergencies.

Receive M Price Discount

Receive M Price Discount

Payment discount is provided at the Mall Group or Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart by QR Code scanning at the back of the Card. Receive 20% discount for Fantasia Lagoon visiting card (1 card/2visitors/day).
M Point Reward

M Point Reward

1 point for every 25-baht payment at the Mall Group or Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart and Receive 1 point every: 50 baht spending at Power Mall
M Point Reward Exchange

M Point Reward Exchange

No cash spending by M Point Pay through M Card application points for M Cash Coupon. Receive 100-baht M Cash Coupon for 800 M Point.
M Privilege

M Privilege

More convenient without card showing to receive more privileges through App. for reward accumulated, checking and leading promotions, brands and shops including those of nearby areas. Instant click for M Coupon discount or M Point rewards.


ประมูลรถยนต์ ไทยพาณิชย์พลัส

ยกมือชูป้าย จ่ายเงินครบ รับรถ รับเล่ม ทันที


Required Documents

Personal Documents

Copy of ID card or copy of government official card/ copy of state enterprise employee card.

Income Documents

  • Salary confirmation and pay slips. Bank Statements for the past 3 months (for salaried employees)


  • Copy of company registration/Trade registration issued by Ministry of Commerce and Bank Statements for the past 6 months (for business owners).


Bank Account

Copy of the 1st page of the Bank Account for money transfer

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