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SCB's My Car My Cash lets you use your car as collateral for a loan of up to 5 million Baht while you continue to drive it. You can opt for low monthly installments over a period of up to seven years. Ownership reverts to you immediately after the final installment payment. It's easy to apply, and approval is fast. Your cash will available within one business day.

Convenient and fast

Convenient and fast

We won't keep you waiting. An SCB loan helps make your dream come true easier with a simple, convenient and fast application process.
An installment plan tailored to you

An installment plan tailored to you

Get a worry-free payment plan. SCB helps you select loan terms and monthly installments that fit your financial conditions.


  • Age: 20-60 years old (no more than 65 years when combined with installment period)
  • Must be a Thai national and reside in Thailand.
  • Must hold the ownership of the car free of any debt or obligation (except for existing SCB or SCBL clients)

Document Required

Identity Verification

Copy of personal identification card, government official I.D. card or state enterprise employee I.D. card.

Address Confirmation

Copy of your house registration or other official certification of residence.

Income Document

Pay slip or letter from employer confirming current salary. Also copy of bank account passbook showing past six months.

Bank Passbook

Copy of first page of passbook for bank account into which loan will be deposited, which must be an SCB account.

Insurance Policy and Car Registration

Original insurance policy and car registration book. Also current hire-purchase agreement (only applicable for current SCB or SCBL customers).


Car Requirements for Loan Applications

  • Types of cars accepted: Passenger cars, pickup trucks, and vans only
  • The car must be free from any obligation and not over 15 years old.
  • The car registration must be for personal use only.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements are subject to the bank’s conditions.

Fees and Expenses

Agreement fees and other expenses are as specified by the bank and will be deducted from the approved loan amount.


  • Loan amounts approved depend on the car’s condition and the applicant’s qualifications, so they vary from one client to another.
  • Fee rates, requirements, and conditions shall follow the announcements and regulations specified by the bank.
  • The bank reserves the right to cancel or change any requirement, fee, or condition without prior notice.


Minimum Information Disclosure

Table of minimum information disclosure: My Car My Cash
Item Details disclosed
a. Interest rate


Type of car Flat Interest Rate p.a. Effective Interest Rate p.a
For cars aged no more than 9 years 13%
For cars aged 10 years or more 17%

 Interest rate calculation: Daily basis
The number of days per year for interest calculation: Based on a calendar year


b.Maximum loan amount allowed 80% of asset price  (5 million baht maximum)
c. Agreement period (agreement validity period) 72 months or 6 years maximum
d.Collateral The applicant’s car, but they can use the car as usual.
e.Service fees and penalty fees Details about any fees, service fees, and penalty fees of SCB auto finance (hire-purchase loans)
f.Insurance Car insurance/ credit protection insurance/ accident insurance/ life insurance
g. Guarantor N/A

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