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  • Best Saving 15/5 is a short-term savings plan with monthly payments for only five years, but it pays you back with continuous, long-term cash benefits for 15 years.
  • Best Saving 15/7 saves on taxes with a high yearly return of 20% .
  • Best Saving 15/8 returns a high lump sum cash payment at the end of the contract, plus regular yearly payments.
  • Annuity 90/60 requires no health questionnaire or examination. After retirement, it provides an income until the age of 90.

Long-Term Equity Fund (LTF)

  • LTF provides an opportunity to receive dividends on long-term investments.
  • Investments in an LTF can be deducted from net income in order to reduce tax payments.
  • Tax deductions of up to 15% of assessed income are possible.

RMF Retirement Mutual Fund 

  • RMF helps to provide retirees a more comfortable life with savings and long-term investments.
  • Investments are made every year for at least five years and held until the age of 55.
  • Tax deductions are limited to 15% of your taxable income.


  1. Non-hedge funds investors may receive a return lower than the initial funding.
  2. Study the investment policy and fund operations at
  3. For more information or to get a prospectus, please contact any SCB branch. Investors should understand the nature of the commodity, terms of the return and risks before investing.

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